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Rachel Clark


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Traffic jam enthusiasm

I had this bright idea to rent a minivan for the ideal experience of a roadtrip. I kind of genuinely love minivans now.

I drove for 18 hours straight from Florida, consumed 4 bottles of those 5 hour energy drinks and dined on all the best fast foods middle of nowhere America had to offer.

You know I’d never been to a Krystals? I thought it was a chicken place, go figure..


Pit stop to let my ferret (Whiskerbiskit) run around in the grass

Anyway, there were some legendary traffic jams, some tipped over semi trucks, and not really a single cop in sight (minivans can do 90!)

At some point I hit the Nation’s capitol, but they actually make you drive around it in this big circle.. which took me through a few extra states it bordered.

At least now I’ve technically sworn like a sailor in more states than I had before. Epic roadrage for the win.

So, I’m never doing that again.

- Rachel Clark

supreme being

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