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Erin Heatherton


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Anyone know what this is about? Was erin in the thanksgiving day parade or something? :idk:


MEREDITHBARAF: Great morning at the parade with @ErinHeatherton and spiderman! @VictoriasSecret#Thanksgiving
Erin Heatherton@ErinHeatherton

Turn on CBS mom and dad ;)

Lauren Cutillo@LaurenCutillo

@erinheatherton you looked amazing on @cbs this morning #HappyThanksgiving xoxox

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This pic of Erin at the Parade should be credit to Teamheatherton.tumblr.com - I see her water mark has been cut off, but I see its been taken off tumblr. People search for hours for pics so I think its fair we dont cut off their tags and post them here for everyone to take and post as their own.

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No offense Wendy....but can you refrain from posting pics of erin not in them? I know its nice for fans to see what erin is doing etc, but I don't see the need to post pictures of erins family, her view from her window etc. If we REALLY want to see that, we'll pay erins twitter a visit ;)

Same can be said for Candice Swanepoel's thread and others....I hope you take no offense wendy, trying to put it nicely, but I and many others would appreciate it :yes:

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