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The Best Vogue

The Best Vogue (British, Italia, Paris, and US)  

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    • Vogue (US)

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Okay so because Vogue is one my favortie magazines ever and I enjoy international editions I was wondering which Vogue do you prefer out of my favorites? The choices are Vogue British, Italia, Paris, and US. So if most of you don't know much about these (bread and butter :laugh: ) you can get a feel from the covers below. So vote for your favorite Vogue. :D









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^^^ Maybe if they were diff. covers I would of chose US

But out of those I like Paris Vogue the models & colors stand out more which makes me more interested :yes:

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you made the U.S. look bad, showing 3 covers with actresses on it :blah:

As if you haven't noticed that's basically what U.S. puts on their covers. *cough*Sandra/Jennifer *cough* Accompanied by 1000 words of text on the cover.

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Where is the German one?

Anyways, out of these I'd say Vogue US is pure rubbish (thanks to Wintour), Vogue British is too much like US (thanks to the politics, Britain is a bit too often similar to USA :rolleyes: ) and the battle has to go between Italia and Paris.

Both have great editors, great photographs, great model choices. But I'll say Vogue Italia since they seem more daring :)

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rouge red is right, it`s something between Vogue Italia & Vogue Paris.

though i'll go w/ Paris bcoz it tends to be more fashionable sometimes but only bcoz of that , coz Vogue Italia is tight too, it really comes w/ good eds,good article's & good perspective.

Vogue US - dust!! :ninja:

Vogue British - needs to upgrade & be less like a "ELLE w/ a lil more fashion in'"

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