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Sessilee Lopez


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April 08 2004

Black Girls Rule: Sessilee Lopez

The 17 year-old Sessilee Lopez , who recently made her runway debut during the fall fashion shows in New York , will appear in the May issue of two magazines -- Flaunt in Espanol and Trace. "It`s their 50th anniversary, and it's a huge issue because it's their Black Girls Rule," Sessilee said. "They take the top 10 black girls from the top 10 agencies, and I'm one of the girls!"

A Philadelphia native, she lived in St.Lucy County before relocating to New Jersey earlier this year. Her modeling career took off when she came to an open casting call at IMG.


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post-20414-0-1446079840-11977_thumb.jpgpost-20414-0-1446079840-53091_thumb.jpgth_spkolour04er5.jpg/monthly_06_2008/post-20414-0-1446079840-80133_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3630408" alt="post-20414-0-1446079840-80133_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="135.81">post-20414-0-1446079840-82525_thumb.jpg



Glamour It April

Photo: Fabio Chizzola



"Metal" magazine editorial




MAC Cosmetics


It’s been a long time,

I shouldn’t have left you

Without a strong rhyme to step to" - Rakim

Major Models Sessilee Lopez "Don't Call her a Comeback, she's been here for years" and with that said shes working hardder than ever and is about to get much and more notice coming this summer with Vogue Italia all black models issue shot by Steven Meisel. We've all heard the rumors that British model Jourdan Dunn will be the cover model well according to my great sources whose both working on that project jourdan as beautiful as she is wont be the model on the cover but Sessilee Lopez will be the cover model, Not only is she going to be on the cover but she also has a 16 page story with in the same issue shot by Steven Miesel. Im also informed that along with this 16 page story Sessilee Lopez is bring the heat and FYI DONT EXPECT TO SEE ANY GRACE JONE THEMES HERE.

So while the fashion world go gaga over young black models Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn, Sessilee Lopez the once under dog is proving you cant keep her down to long! Look foward for this june/july issue.

you know u luv her



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Thank you for starting the thread, she is stunning, especially in print

Vogue Italia June 2008

This editorial of Sessilee Lopez from the Vogue Italia is absolutely fantastic

Will post more later

Hopefully this Vogue issue will open plenty of doors for her.

Vogue.jpg 15wh469.jpg 2922muu.jpg kar0wl.jpg
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amazing pics, everyone, thanks :flower:

first time i saw sessilee, for some stupid reason, i wasnt impressed, and have paid no attention to her since

that vogue italia opened my eyes, and had me kicking my own ass for missing out on this stunning girl

i went to tfs to see if i could find some pics and heres a few, ironically originally posted by someone named simply lovely

<is tfs' simplylovely and our SL the same girl?? i think so :p >

45156_big20bun_122_579lo.jpg 33xya9j.jpg 1s076q.jpg
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spring's most in-demand catwalkers (and no, they're not all from Russia)

8. Sessilee Lopez (Major)

After burning up the catwalk at Marc Jacobs and Fendi, this Philly-born beauty has Vogue Italia and W spreads in the pipeline, as well as campaigns for Gap and Calvin Klein. Word is, it's just the beginning.


btw I think in fact she isn't such a newcomer, she was at Fendi f/w 2005 fashion show

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