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hey i know this maybe posted before but i hope u can help me out i just want to have a nice fit body like Mark Wahlberg so what exactly should i do to be like that ? and i go to the Gim and all but it seems useless

Be as Specific As u can please

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swimming is the most effective excercise. i burned more calories swimming for 20 minutes than doing pilates for 20 minutes.

in like an hour of swimming you can burn a lot of calories, and plus you don't sweat so it's a win-win :)

i just do a bunch of laps around the pool for an hour

For a guy though, lifting weights would build certain muscles a lot faster than swimming.
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Swimming tones your muscles doesn't it? :blink: And how do you know how many calories you lose after swimming and pilates? :ninja:

How do you look like now and what kind of body type do you have Devo? Ecto-, Endo-, or Mesomorph? Or maybe some combination? As Bluestars said, personal trainers would probably know a lot more :/

Actually I think Ack would be of service right now :whistle:

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^ i KNOW that i burned more calories swimming than pilates is cause i signed up for the SELF magazine fitness/healthy dieting program. and when i listed the excerciises i've done for the day, it said that i burned more calories swimming than pilates.

yeah i'm sure getting a personal trainer is easier, but i'm just listing a cheaper option where you burn a lot of calories while you tone your body. and yes swimming help your body get toned, i know cause in my health class my teacher was the athletics director and we were talking about different sports and which is the best to burn calories and get toned and he said that swimming was.

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Mark Wahlberg has skinny assed legs. You don't wanna be looking like that :p

Besides... muscular insertion points are completely genetic. You can't do anything about the shap... only the size.

Depending on where you're at right now, you'll have to do different things. Let's say you're a skinny guy. 5'10" and 130lbs...

Mark probably weighs close to 200... probably 190-something and in his photos he's less than 10% bodyfat.

If you were gonna go ahead and eat 4000 calories a day to weigh that much, you'll get fat. You would have to aim for 140 first... and then 150.... and so on. that could take years. You're not gonna see instant results.

but his workouts probably consist of 90% curls and situps... lol.

Forget Wahlberg... Tito Raymond is way better proportioned.

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it kinda depends on how you want your body to be, i had to change a lot for high school sports. Between football and wrestling where in the fall i weighed between 160-180 and in the winter i was around 125-130. I'll show you guys some pics of my size difference. If I can find some, i odnt have my old computer anymore.

stuff like swimming will get you real ripped and have some pretty good stamina as well, but you wont have the size. Its a great cardio work out, I just wish I wasn't so slow at swimming. Im such a land blubber.

You'll have to weight train for some bigger size. you'll get a lot stronger as well, and your over all size will change too

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