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Queer As Folk


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Queer As Folk chronicles the lives of a group of twenty-something gay friends as their lives and loves unfold, ambitions soar, passions collide, careers struggle, and fates conflict. They go to work, raise children, look forward to the weekend – and have a healthy interest in sex. The US series, based on and closely following the story of the ground-breaking British hit, relocates the action from Manchester to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city as urban working class straight as it gets.

This brave, funny and sometimes graphic portrayal of a world not usually seen on television provides an intimate look at six homosexual men: Brian (Gale Harold), a lusty advertising executive; Michael (Hal Sparks); Michael’s HIV+ boyfriend Ben (Robert Gant); flamboyant Emmett (Peter Paige); Ted (Scott Lowell), a cyberporn-loving accountant; and Justin (Randy Harrison), a teenage art student obsessed with Brian. Rounding out the circle of friends are art teacher and new mother Lindsay (Thea Gill), and her lover, no-nonsense attorney Melanie (Michelle Clunie). And then there’s Michael’s cheery waitress mum Debbie (Sharon Gless).



Gale Harold - Brian Kinney

Hal Sparks - Michael Novotny

Randy Harrison - Justin Taylor

Peter Paige - Emmett Honeycutt

Scott Lowell - Theodore 'Ted' Schmidt

Thea Gill - Lindsay Peterson

Michelle Clunie - Melanie 'Mel' Marcus

Sharon Gless - Deborah 'Debbie' Jane Grassi Novotny

Sherry Miller - Jennifer Taylor

Jack Wetherall - Vic Grassi

Robert Gant - Professor Benjamin 'Ben' Bruckner

Makyla Smith - Daphne Chanders


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Yay :clap: No problem :hehe:

I can always count on u for QAF support :hug:

Queer As Folk (UK) vs Queer As Folk (US)

Contains bare booty

I prefer the US version. Not only coz Brian is :drool: but coz his character is taller and adds to the whole irresistible man attracting an innocent teenager effect. The music is better too :woot:

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Thanks for the pics Emma_Frost :flower:

Yay the number of QAF fans on BZ is = 3 :clap: :laugh:

You who I think is even a better pairing??? Andrea and Brian :shifty:

Seriously, I felt Ben and Mike were a good pairing both aesthetically and emotionally :)


Agreed :yes:

Worst couple: Emmett and Ted :|

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I just love that show :heart:

Brain is so hot :drool:

I also liked Ben, but I started to dislike Michael after a while oO...

I can't wait for season 4 to come out on DVD in Germany.

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awwww Queer As Folk! :wub:

I only watched untill the middle of season 3 or 4 yet though

they're all so cute :heart:

I really like Emmet :wub: :wub:

Ted I sort of dislike lol

and I think Michael and Ben are such a cute couple! :drool:

i mean Michael is sort of annoying but together they're so lovely. Their relationship I mean.

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I haven't seen all episodes by now - unfortunately I couldn't watch them all because they were aired in the middle of the night and I had to go to school -.- But I hope I can watch the rest soon.

In contrast to the others Brian is the character I like the least. I liked him in the very beginning and then started to dislike him more and more...but he's starting to grow on me again^^

I agree with M--- about Ben and Michael (love his mom)

Actually, if I could chose a man as my partner/boyfriend, I would chose someone like Ben. :wub: His character, his personality is just as I like it. :blush: And his looks is not as bad either...hehe :)

I'm thinking about buying the DVD's

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Yeah I have to admit that Brian lost a lot of his appeal to me in the later seasons... He was my favorite character in the first season... I think I lost a little interest in him because he started to care a lot about Justin... and I never liked Justin oO... He was always my least favorite. After season one Ben became my favorite character. I like his personality and that buddhism stuff he belives in. And he is good looking too. But Brian still is the hottest :drool: :kiss: :heart:

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