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Daveigh Chase

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Daveigh Chase


Daveigh Chase was born on July 24, 1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She is an only child and was raised in the small town of Albany, Oregon; where she continues to spend much of her time. She began singing and dancing in her hometown and other local areas at community events and shows starting at age 3. After visiting Los Angeles, she did her first commercial for Campbell's Soup at age 7. At this time, she was also offered a starring role in the Musical Theatre production "Utah!” At age 8, she auditioned for the voice of "Lilo", and tested at CBS network for her first television series. She continued to test and be cast as a series regular, working on many different television pilots, before finally FOX picked up the show "Oliver Beene" in which Daveigh starred as Oliver's quirky best friend Joyce. In the meantime, she appeared in several movies, including "Donnie Darko", in which she played Donnie's youngest sister and was a member of the "Sparke Motion" dance group; and "R.L. Stines The Haunted Lighthouse" which continues to show at various Busch Garden Theme Parks. In 2003 she won the "Best Villain" award at the MTV Movie Awards for her work as "Samara" in DreamWorks hit "The Ring". She is the voice of "Lilo" from the hit animated and Oscar nominated Disney feature film "Lilo and Stitch" and she continues to voice Lilo for the Disney Channel series, as well as various DVD's and video games. Daveigh is also the voice of the lead heroine "Chihiro" in Disney's "Spirited Away" which won the 2002 Oscar for Best Animated Film.

Daveigh is also a very talented singer. Back in 1999, she had the opportunity to join up as lead singer with a small band and take the stage as an opening act for Reba McEntire, and later on sang "Holly Jolly Christmas" for the "School's Out! Christmas" album released by Universal Records Hip-O Records, which also features the voices of other child stars, including Mae Whitman, Evan Rachel Wood, Jesse McCartney and others. She was handpicked by Director Steven Spielberg to sing "God Bless America" in his film "A.I."; and in the "Oliver Beene" episode entitled "Oliver and the Otters" Daveigh was given the opportunity to showcase her talent by singing the hit 60s song "Tossin' and Turnin'".

Outside of the entertainment industry, some of Daveigh's favorite activities are surfing, horseback riding, dancing, reading, and just hanging out with family and friends.


2004 - The Ring 2 - Samara Morgan

2003 - Beethoven's 5th (video) - Sara Newton

2003 - Stitch! The Movie (video) - Lilo (voice)

2003 - Carolina - Young Georgia Mirabeau

2003 - Haunted Lighthouse - Annabel

2002 - Silence - Rachel Pressman

2002 - The Ring - Samara Morgan

2002 - Lilo & Stitch - Lilo (voice)

2001 - Spirited Away - Chihiro/Sen (voice: English version)

2001 - Artificial Intelligence: AI - Child Singer

2001 - Donnie Darko - Samantha Darko

2000 - Robbers - Dentist's Daughter

1999 - A Clean Kill - Granddaughter


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