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  1. I need recent photos of Alexz guys, pleaseeee, if you have some...
  2. Katy Perry had a little birthday party Saturday night (10/24) at Sunset Beach in Hollywood. Everyone attending wore white which helped make the paint fight later in the night all the more fun.
  3. Taylor Swift with a fan, who is wearing a t-shirt with a swastika on it, at Katy Perry's birthday at Sunset Beach in Hollywood. (10/24) The photo: http://current.com/items/91319479_taylor-s...ndal-photos.htm http://igossip.com/gossip/Taylor_Swift_Is_...&tag=518240 Taylor Swift doesn't know fan with Nazi symbol London, (ANI): A representative for Taylor Swift has come out to defend the singer for posing with a male fan wearing a T-shirt with swastika sign. The 'Love Story' hitmaker found herself in the soup after she posed with a young man wearing the Nazi symbol at Katy Perry's Hollywood birthday bash last weekend. However, her spokesperson has distanced the star from the unidentified fan by claiming she didn't even know him and she wasn't aware of what he was wearing. "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night... She doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realise what was on his shirt," the Daily Express quoted Swift's rep as telling TMZ.com
  4. She is the most beautiful girl in Twilight saga. I love her.
  5. I think she doesn't like celebrities stuffs like interviews, fans, autographs. <_<
  6. Adorable smile in the first photo.
  7. Jess Baby

    Emmy Rossum

    Newly divorced Emmy Rossum steps out with her new boyfriend, 45-year-old Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz, at the 2009 American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala at Lincoln Center
  8. Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable and his girlfriend, actress Odette Yustman, attend the Life Rolls on Foundation’s sixth annual Night by the Ocean gala at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre on Sunday (October 4) in Hollywood.
  9. Lea Michele, star of Fox’s new breakout series Glee, visits her old stomping grounds — Broadway! — and drops by the hit rock musical Rock of Ages in New York City on Monday (October 5). The 23-year-old actress, clad in Helmut Lang’s sexy bondage jersey combo dress, brought along her parents Marc and Edith. The trio sang and danced along to “Don’t Stop Believin” with cast and audience members during the big finale number. Michele knew all the words, of course as “Believin’” was featured in Glee’s pilot episode and the cast version has been on iTunes Top 100 ever since.
  10. Lea Michele Meets David Letterman Lea Michele strikes a pose outside The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday (October 5) in New York City. The 23-year-old Glee star plays Rachel Berry, and admits she was kind of like her character. “I was very much like Rachel when I was in high school,” she told Newsday. “I so appreciate her confidence, who she is and what she wants. I think that it’s so possible in high school for kids to get caught up in what people think is cool, and what I love about Rachel is that she knows what she wants, and she’s sticking with that.” Lea was most recently spotted on Broadway in Spring Awakening. FYI: Lea is wearing gold pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti Design.
  11. I totally agree with you. I don't like how she's acting at all and I wish that Robert Pattinson and her weren't dating. <_< She is a pretty girl, but he looks nicer than her.
  12. Jess Baby

    Jayma Mays

    Jayma Mays Jayma Suzette Mays (born July 16, 1979) is an American television and film actress. Mays was born in Grundy, Virginia. After graduating from Grundy Senior High School, she attended Radford University where she graduated with a degree in Performing Arts. In 2004, she made her first television appearance on Joey. The following year, she made her feature film debut with a supporting role in Red Eye. Mays' other credits include Six Feet Under, The Comeback, Entourage, Stacked, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer and Ugly Betty. Jayma was in other movies, such as: Bar Starz, Flags of Our Fathers and Blind Guy Driving. She also starred in the spoof film Epic Movie where she met her husband Adam Campbell. She has played the love interest of a character played by Masi Oka in two different roles: Charlie Andrews on Heroes, and Nina in the direct-to-DVD film Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control. She also played Elsita, who lives and works in a windmill as well as her mother Elsa in episode four of Pushing Daisies. She also stars as Amy in Paul Blart: Mall Cop. She is currently starring as Emma Pillsbury on the Fox show Glee, which premiered on September 9, 2009.
  13. Oh, he is so hot, I love him.
  14. I love him sooo much as Edward. :heart:
  15. Australia Meet & Greet: Sydney – 9/20/09. I love him, he's so cute...
  16. Glee - Don't Stop Believin' I love this song.
  17. Lea at the Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party.
  18. Great pics from Allure. Emma_Frost: About Image Avenue, click one pic only and "yes", after that, the next ones they don't ask to click again.
  19. 09-14-2009: Fox Fall Eco Casino Party.
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