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Kemp Muhl


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:heart: It's time for the gorgeous Kemp to have her own thread! :heart:


Kemp Muhl

Nationality: American

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Date of Birth: August 17 1987

Place of Birth: West Point, NY, USA

Height: 5' 9.5''; 1,76cm

Measurements: (US) 32-23-33 ; 82 - 58- 84

Dress size: (Eur) 34 : (US) 4

Shoe size: (Eur) 41½ : (US) 9½

Agencies: 'Elite', Barcelona, Paris & New York; Storm Models, London; 'Munich Models', Munich; 'Model Management', Germany

Advertisements: Aldo, Bershka, D & G, Fornarina, Gianfranco Ferre, MaxStudio.com, Misako, Möet & Chandon, Ports 1961, Sharagano, Sisley, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

Magazine Covers: {Intersection- 2003} France 'L' Officiel' - 2003 UK 'Harper's & Queen' - June 2003

Notes:Kemp won the 2000 Elite model look contest in Atlanta, Georgia.

Funny facts:


Impo-Kempi (Japanese for sweet potato)

Where are you living?

Like a gypsy. My home is wherever I go. Paris, Tokyo, NYC, etc. I am trying to get my own apartment soon, or I might have to settle for an old hermit crab shell.

Any pets?

I keep my pets at my parents' house. Four and a half cats, to be precise. Only half of one because we almost never see her, it's like she's a phantom. Yet I know she exists... somewhere up in the coils and planks of my mattress like a little monster under my bed. I used to steal baby birds from their nests and raise them with eyedroppers and shoeboxes, too. One day, I'll own an aviary.

Favorite music?

Grew up on classical- Beethoven, Liszt, Mozart. My mother played piano while I was in her womb and all throughout my childhood. Then I rebelled... with Marilyn Manson and System of a Down! Now I'm just looking for something new, like Chris Caffery who is an amazing musician and my good friend.

Favorite movies?

I don't watch enough TV. I want to act soon, so I should probably investigate more movies. I loved "The Red Violin," and German film "Run, Lola, Run."

Travel essentials?

Forget make-up or a hairbrush, vanity takes up too much space. Just bring spicy beef jerky and binoculars. You never know when you might need them. Keep lip balm in your pocket.

Life essentials?

An imagination, box of matches, dance moves, your diary, a musical instrument, a cute guy and acrylic paints. Oh, a little oxygen and H2O, too, if you're really high maintenance.

Best book?

I love Norwegian writer Hamsun! Get his book, "Hunger", to whet your appetite. Then try Ayn Rand's, "The Fountainhead," which makes me deliciously depressed.

Best friend?

A girl who's red-headed and a boy whom I'm head over heels for. Both of them have lost their minds and their heads are in the clouds but I love them all the more.

Ideal afternoon?

Riding a horse, studying or eating a peach in a city during an electrical black-out.

Ideal date?

One where he doesn't turn into a frog after I kiss him. Hate it when that happens. Ok, on a serious note, I like a creative, symbiotic relationship with a Mad Hatter full of surprising twists and trysts. Whatever that means- you see? These sort of things get mangled with seriousness.

Plans for summer?

To survive till autumn. Maybe I'll go camping or rent a Winnebago and tour the mainland states. I'll leave Alaska for next summer.

Tees or Tanks? - M1 Army tanks

Bare foot or Flip flops? - Barefoot over hot coals

First-class or Coach? - I'll be pilot

Europe or US? - The world is not enough

Nick or Jessica? - Boring

Punk'd or Jackass? - East Villagers or Democrats? Whichever is the lesser evil... Just kidding!

Paris or Nicky? - "I see London, I see France, we all see Paris's underpants!"

Funny or Flirty? - Who, me?

Clean or Dirty? - Dirty. Under my nails

Quiet Dinners or Club Hopping? - I like loud dinners and skipping clubs, instead

Beach or Pool? - The whole Mediterranean

Iced Tea or Iced Coffee? - Starbuck's Caramel Frappacino. Shaken, not stirred

Meditation or Massage? - Massage!

Hip hop or Rock? - Rock, like mud and mountain

Indies or Blockbusters? - Indians and Ghostbusters

Coen Bros or Farrelly Bros? - Who?

Beauty or Brains? - Both

Underdog or Overachiever? - Hotdogs and golden retrievers (hehe) Ok, the latter

Love or Lust? - Both

Single or Taken? - Alone in the end, but I'm in love and it's just begun

(From tommy.com)

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she is soooooooo beautiful. and her interview was FANTASTIC. i mean, she's all over the place in it. but at least it showed she's a thinker and not just a ridiculously pretty face.

also, i know i've heard her name before. has she been in movies or something? am i missing something? was she like "the next big thing" a few years ago?

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