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The Next Super model


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So I really hope there is not a competition like this so I will try to make it seem as unique as possible. Well since they are always talking about who will be the next super model of the world ala Gisele and Kate and so on why don't we find out for ourselves?

What I am thinking of doing is picking 32 (or more depending on how many people like this idea) of today's top models. And we will have these models compete in certain categories that are I believe important for a model. I was thinking the categories might be something like this:

Most versatile

Best walk

Most expressive eyes

Best bone structure

Most commercial appeal

Most high fashion appeal

Best body

Hottest career at the moment

Most stand out personality

Most photogenic

Who carries the cover best?

And of course you can object to these or suggest some of your own.

Every model will compete in every category and she will get ranking points depending on how far she gets in each category. A model that loses in the 1st round gets 5 points, one that loses in the 2nd gets 20, quarterfinals gets 75, semi finals gets 150 and finals gets 250. The model with the most points at the end of all competitions will supposedley be the next super model.

Obviously lets not pick Gisele because she's already a super model and lets not pick someone like Petra or Adriana who probably have already hit their peak (sadly :( )

If you like the idea tell me. And maybe if enough people support it we can start the competition soon.

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