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Monika Jagaciak

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In order to save time, I'm just going to say I love everything on this page. :hehe:

Really loving those eyes in that Dior video, as well. :heart:

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Monika Jac Jagaciak by Greg Kadel for Numéro #126 September 2011 [Editorial]

Numéro #126 September 2011

Shot by: Greg Kadel

Styling by: Bill Mullen

Hair: Duffy

Makeup: Mariel Barerra

Model: Monika Jac Jagaciak

N1313566845592422_36.jpgN1313566845592422_37.jpg N1313566845592422_38.jpg N1313566845592422_39.jpg N1313566845592422_40.jpg N1313566845592422_41.jpg N1313566845592422_42.jpg N1313566845592422_43.jpg N1313566845592422_44.jpg N1313566845592422_45.jpg N1313566845592422_46.jpg N1313566845592422_47.jpg N1313566845592422_48.jpg

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wow beautiful profile :wub: She is exquisite and looks so expensive already for such a young age. Most models her age have that teenage bubblegum look to them. She is so elegant. :blush:

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