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How do you feel about SI 2005 magazine


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dammit, i just don't think the girls in this issue are that hot. i've never bought the magazine before, but judging from the pics on the website it doesn't seem too good. how can you have an issue without heidi klum, melissa keller, elsa benitez, jose maran, molly sims, etc... even though these models have been in SI for the past few issues, i'm not tired of seeing them. SI added alot of newer upcoming models i guess. at least the cover pic of carolyn murphy looks good. i want to get last years issue and the few issues from the past years. why did SI add so many female athletes, why?!?!?!?! they would have been better off putting a few more models in. aww dammit, i wish i could get those issues from the past few years. SI should be giving us 50% for buying their magazines. dude, wtf, amanda beard, lauren jackson?

didn't last years issue have a cd or dvd?

btw, are the pictures full size in the magazine or are they small pics with text and articles. also, does the website have more pics or does the magazine? how are those trading cards?

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I agree, they didn't capture the elegance of the woman this year, a real disappointment. They all look odd with the exception of Ana Beatriz Barros, she looks really pretty. Also, I'm kinda surprised they put Amanda Beard in, she's a bit on the "thick" side, and normally not what SI is looking for. If you watched SI Swimsuit Model Search this year, they were all over Alicia Hall for being a little "out of shape", which is funny cause Alicia was far smaller and more toned then Amanda Beard and yet Amanda gets in...

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