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Your favorite pictures of models

Strawberry BigMac

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OMG i loooved Brittany i think she had so much potential if she would of been driven. And i love eva i dont care about her height cause she was fierce. Hollands top model is pretty she looks really big though <_<

Brittany always made me laugh... Although she went a little far sometimes... Like when she got drunk... If she was more driven, she could have definitely won...

Sylvia isn't that big... She's only 1m75... :)

By the way... I really hate the word "fierce"... :p They say it like 100 times, in every episode... :laugh: Especially Mr. Jay... :laugh:

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Alessandra Ambrosio:

For Vogue RG, For Oscar de la Renta, For Armani Exchange

aalessandra1uj6.th.png aalessandra8yn4.th.png post-6812-0-1446017067-07061_thumb.jpg alearmaniez0.th.jpg

Gisele Bundchen:

At the Dolce & Gabbana show, Vivara ads, Haper's Bazaar ed

post-6812-0-1446017069-27027_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446017070-26484_thumb.jpg gi4ym5.th.jpg

Raquel Zimmermann

Fendi show, 2 from Vogue US ed, For fendi, Michael Kors show

raquelfendiuu1.th.jpg post-6812-0-1446017070-43357_thumb.jpg post-6812-0-1446017070-56641_thumb.jpg raquelfendi1py5.th.jpg post-6812-0-1446017070-91478_thumb.jpg

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