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  1. Sofía Reynal Full Name: Sofía Reynal Nationality: Argentinian Hair color: Brunette Eye color: Brown Date of birth: Place of birth: Argentina Height: 5'9"; 175cm Measurements: (US) 32-24-34; (EU) 83-61-89 Dress size: 8 Shoe size: (US) 8; (EU) 39 Agencies: Wilhelmina Models - New York/Miami/Los Angeles, Karin Models Paris, Look 1 Model Management, Modelwerk, Chic Management Links: Instagram, Twitter
  2. Barbara Ferrari Argentina Actrees dancer model
  3. Alina Daniela Moine (Rosario, October 9, 1979) is a sports journalist and model from Argentina. Currently working on Fox Sports, which leads Central Fox and sent special Dakar Rally, and on Channel 7, which leads Football Allowed. She studied speech at ISET (Institute of Technical Education) in the city of Rosario. She began her career in 1998. Her first major appearance was as a journalist in the football field of a team from that city. In 2004 she joined Fox Sports. Trajectory 2004-2011: Fox Sports News, on Fox Sports (Latin America) 2004: American daily in Latin channel 2008-2009: Fox
  4. Claudia Fabiana Fernández Viera(born on June 22, 1976, in Punta de Rieles, Montevideo) is a Uruguayan award-winning TV Hostess, fashion model, and actress, known for her work in Uruguay and Argentina. Fernández is also an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Claudia Fabiana Fernández Viera was born on June 22, 1976, in the barrio of Punta de Rieles – Bella Italia, in Montevideo, Uruguay, and was raised by her father Fernado Fernández, a mechanic and her paternal-grandparents, Irma & Juan Antonio Fernández. Frenández attended two nun schools: Sagrado Corazón de Jesús College and Liceo Vedra
  5. Erika Mitdank (Argentinian model) sensual and sexy for Playboy TV. Argentina (Nov.2011): Download: (53,42 MB, 2 min 49 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/b0nbpevmq http://rapidgator.net/file/52439d8da26527376ce7f0c81f19d5a6/Ek_Mi_03.mp4.html
  6. Photographer: Anibal Vecchio Model: Martina Rousseau
  7. Pamela Carolina David Gutiérrez is an Argentinian actress and model. She was born in Córdoba, Argentina, on October 6, 1978. She found fame in the reality TV show El BarTV 2. David currently works as a co-hostess in an America TV program called "Desayuno Americano". Contents Personal life Pamela David is the daughter of DyD owner/producer Alberto David.[2] The family later moved to Santiago del Estero where Pamela entered many beauty contests and won the regional contest for the 'Tourism Queen' contest, later winning the national title be crowned 'National Queen of Tourism in Argentina'. D
  8. Amalia Granata was born in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe began working as a model at a young age. His rise to fame came after he testified that he had an affair with Robbie Williams, during the tour that the British singer performed in 2004 and took him to visit Buenos Aires. From there, represented by Leandro Rud, made major parades and campaigns in Argentina (Giordano Punta del Este and Viña del Mar, Stairways of Mar del Plata, Pinamar fashion show, etc..) In her modeling career made numerous campaigns: One Step, Yarbik, Maureen Dinar, Kees Von Kees, Natubel, Body Sculp, Nodai
  9. Alejandra Maglietti (Born Oct. 27,1985) Alejandra Maglietti is a glamour model and a presenter from Argentina. She appeared in Playboy.
  10. Eugenia Tobal (Argentinian Actress and Model): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0867813/ wearing thongs and underwear, alone in a backstage: Download: (13,43 MB, 3 min 53 secs, 640x360, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/6h5a0j5km http://rapidgator.net/file/91579d8e24d55ccadca9622fa4b15e65/Eu_To_01.mp4.html
  11. Emilia Attias Date of birth: 1986 Place: Buenos Aires Height: 1,70 Measures: 95-59-99 Hair: dark brown Eyes: green Occupation: model Video: caps: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/emm0.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/emm1.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/emm2.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/1843/1600/emm3.jpg video: http://rapidshare.de/files/9606727/emm.zip caps: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/18...600/Emilia1.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7455/18...
  12. Florencia Peña (Argentinian actress): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0679167/ in bikini, is spied until she gets naked on a tv serie: Download: (20,59 MB, 1 min 29 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/ycyu06ky1 http://rg.to/file/94f0cf568dcbab2fd7ade137ac889f61/Flo_Pe_01.mp4.html
  13. Solange Gomez Abraham: was born on December 30, 1988, in Tucuman. She was the second child of Ruben Gómez y Norma Abraham. Her sister, Noelia, appeared in several TV shows while Solange was in the house, and said that she was "a wonderful girl, full of life" Before being famous she graduated and began working as a chef. At the age of 19, she won a beauty contest in Tucumán. Solange attended the Big brother's casting in early 2011 and she was finally chosen to participate. The show was first aired on Telefe on December 12, 2011. It was again hosted by Jorge Rial and Solange was the 14th entranc
  14. Eugenia Lemos: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3729739/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 Eugenia Lemos (Argentinian Model) hot & sexy, wearing tights shorts and a dress in a photo session: Download: (49,19 MB - 2min 56secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/9f10kbg70
  15. Descargar: (66,07 MB, 2 min 06 secs, 1920x1080, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/yhci5lj88 http://rapidgator.net/file/69a789985eadaf3a77e66b9830e3404c/Bel_Lav_04.mp4.html
  16. Silvina Scheffler (Argentinian model): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2627721/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 sexy in a tight black & platinum catsuit, dancing "Disco style" on a tv show (2 videos): Before & After Performance (dancing): Download: (38,49 MB - 1 min 38 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/qnvd9hhlh http://rg.to/file/470b3e19017026c9b581c520d68e603c/Sil_Sch_02_(thekid-videos).mp4.html Performance (dancing): Download: (47,11 MB - 1 min 24 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/y1v7t0szl http://rg.to/f
  17. Gabriela Figueroa (Argentinian model) in shorts & thong, doing a topless and showing her vagina in a hot show: Download: (153,04 MB - 6 min 42 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/xsigwevni http://rg.to/file/63c422c3019dae30079d04fe588578da/Gab_Fig_02.mp4.html
  18. Sabrina Ravelli (Argentinian Model) sexy, wearing tight jeans & a white dress in a videoclip: Download: (18,57 MB, 1 min 17 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/0gt2qtapq http://rapidgator.net/file/c5f911399a9283e362077e189675b085/Sab_Rav_06.mp4.html
  19. Maria Monica Ayos Date of Birth: July 9,1972 Place of Birth: Buenos Aires ,Argentina Height: 1.65 cm All Movie: 11 First Movie: 2002 Spouse: Diego Olivera Monica Ayos is a glamour model and actress from Argentina. She had a role in ''Sos mi vida'',a 2006 Argentine romantic comedy TV series directed by Rodolfo Antunez and Jorge Bechara.
  20. Ursula Vargues: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Arsula_Vargues Ursula Vargues (Argentinian model) showing her beautiful tits under a big cleavage on a tv show: Download: (16,83 MB, 0 min 34 secs, 1920x1080, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/stjxws6gc http://rg.to/file/7d02035af9c5bdedcfa64d5bff101a3c/Urs_Var_01.mp4.html
  21. Romina Gaetani was born on April 15, 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an actress, known for Herederos de una venganza (2011), Botineras (2009) and Chiquititas (1995). ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0300677/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm)ro Romina Gaetani (Argentinian Actress) wearing a thong in a comercial spot & backstage: Download: (27,14 MB - 1 min 57 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/qblg5mazo http://rapidgator.net/file/56807313de6c83c126934a62577b6351/Ro_Ga_01.mp4.html
  22. Rocío Igarzábal (born August 24, 1989; in Buenos Aires), also known as "Rochi Igarzábal", is an Argentine actress, singer and model. She the best known for her role of Valeria "Vale" Gutiérrez in television series Casi Ángeles, and also participated in its soundtrack albums Teen Angels 2 and Teen Angels 3 In 2010, Rochi is the new to make up Teen Angels (together with Lali Espósito, Peter Lanzani, Gastón Dalmau and Nico Riera); she replaced Eugenia Suárez in the series band Teen Angels. Rocio Igarzabal (Argentinian Model and Actress) wearing tights skirts, shorts and jeans in a backstage of a
  23. Sofia Clerici, 24 years old, is advertising model and playmate from Argentina. A brunette full of tattoos and curves. In the summer she won the contest soon Wet Wet T-shirts: leaving all modesty aside and encouraged her shirt up and showing her boobs. Sofia Clerici (Argentinian Playmate and model) doing pool dance in micro shorts and micro thongs: Download: (19,38 MB - 1min 39secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles....files/k3prinsxd http://freakshare.co...S_C_08.mp4.html
  24. Sofia Pachano (Argentinian vedette): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4749613/ in tight lycra shorts in a photo session: Download: (29,09 MB - 1 min 17 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/5i5k923gp http://rapidgator.net/file/a086e405a9269f1dde17381d61e1c2b3/Sof_Pac_01.mp4.html
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