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Alina Daniela Moine (Rosario, October 9, 1979) is a sports journalist and model from Argentina. Currently working on Fox Sports, which leads Central Fox and sent special Dakar Rally, and on Channel 7, which leads Football Allowed.

She studied speech at ISET (Institute of Technical Education) in the city of Rosario. She began her career in 1998. Her first major appearance was as a journalist in the football field of a team from that city.

In 2004 she joined Fox Sports.


2004-2011: Fox Sports News, on Fox Sports (Latin America)

2004: American daily in Latin channel

2008-2009: Fox Sports 360 on Fox Sports

2010: Titi & Bennedeto on Fox Sports

2011: Dakar Rally Special Envoy Fox Sports

2011 -: Central Fox in Fox Sports

2013: Football Permitted, on Channel 7 (Digital Public TV)

Alina Moine (Argentinian Model and Journalist) + others Argentinian Celebrities, wearing thongs & underwear in a back of a photo session:


d0018f418585541.jpg cc4f2c418585546.jpg ef859e418585552.jpg 54894a418585558.jpg 7e0566418585563.jpg fdb5a0418585573.jpg 5dc23e418585581.jpg a0914e418585588.jpg 704251418585596.jpg d49c42418585603.jpg eeaccc418585607.jpg f7a927418585614.jpg 1f7977418585621.jpg 337dd2418585629.jpg eb4afe418585641.jpg a407ae418585645.jpg 6a29d3418585654.jpg eb983c418585662.jpg 823f98418585669.jpg 549385418585682.jpg c45cbe418585692.jpg 092610418585697.jpg

Download: (60,76 MB, 3 min 03 secs, 1280x720, MP4)



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