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  1. Ursula Vargues: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Arsula_Vargues Ursula Vargues (Argentinian model) showing her beautiful tits under a big cleavage on a tv show: Download: (16,83 MB, 0 min 34 secs, 1920x1080, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/stjxws6gc http://rg.to/file/7d02035af9c5bdedcfa64d5bff101a3c/Urs_Var_01.mp4.html
  2. Name: Priscila Surname: Crivocapich Nacionality: Argentinian Hair: Black. Eyes: Green Place of Birth: Neuquén, Argentina Height: 176cm Bust: 86 Waist: 60 Hips: 90 Size: 36 Shoes: 39 Priscila Crivocapich (Argentinian Model) nipples and thong under a tight micro latex dress in a videoclip: Download: (22,76MB, 1 min 08 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/c9c5o0fcm http://freakshare.com/files/phadnzwu/Pri_Cri_01.mp4.html
  3. Sofía Reynal Full Name: Sofía Reynal Nationality: Argentinian Hair color: Brunette Eye color: Brown Date of birth: Place of birth: Argentina Height: 5'9"; 175cm Measurements: (US) 32-24-34; (EU) 83-61-89 Dress size: 8 Shoe size: (US) 8; (EU) 39 Agencies: Wilhelmina Models - New York/Miami/Los Angeles, Karin Models Paris, Look 1 Model Management, Modelwerk, Chic Management Links: Instagram, Twitter
  4. Lola Bezerra (born as Lola Bezerra Rosy on September 21, 1984 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian model, actress who lives in Argentina. She became known in the media in 2009 for being part of the band Electro Stars, to replace Victoria Vanucci. On January 4, 2011 the group split In 2012, she made her stage debut with the play "Cuatro Colas y un Funeral", under the direction of Carlos Evaristo. In January 2013 the play was revived and Bezerra currently is part of it. In 2012 she was part of Fox Sports Summer tv show as a panelist. In it, a year later debuted as television host, only now the program is called Arena mix. The program is broadcast on Fox Sports tv channel. Lola Bezerra (Argentinian Model) in colaless showing her nipples in a back of a photo session: Download: (29,25 MB, 1 min 48 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/31xdwf3jc http://rapidgator.net/file/efddd3ceb6f9b7b2cb020a0fbd3c5429/Lo_Be_06.mp4.html
  5. Alina Daniela Moine (Rosario, October 9, 1979) is a sports journalist and model from Argentina. Currently working on Fox Sports, which leads Central Fox and sent special Dakar Rally, and on Channel 7, which leads Football Allowed. She studied speech at ISET (Institute of Technical Education) in the city of Rosario. She began her career in 1998. Her first major appearance was as a journalist in the football field of a team from that city. In 2004 she joined Fox Sports. Trajectory 2004-2011: Fox Sports News, on Fox Sports (Latin America) 2004: American daily in Latin channel 2008-2009: Fox Sports 360 on Fox Sports 2010: Titi & Bennedeto on Fox Sports 2011: Dakar Rally Special Envoy Fox Sports 2011 -: Central Fox in Fox Sports 2013: Football Permitted, on Channel 7 (Digital Public TV) Alina Moine (Argentinian Model and Journalist) + others Argentinian Celebrities, wearing thongs & underwear in a back of a photo session: ALINA MOINE - PATRICIA SOSA - EUGENIA TOBAL - YESICA TOSCANINI Download: (60,76 MB, 3 min 03 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/oopce8p27 http://rg.to/file/89a41e4eec224f938fb73a046f476533/Al_Mo_01_(thekid-videos).mp4.html
  6. Griselda Siciliani is an Argentine actress. Griselda Siciliani began her career in musical comedy, and took part in the theater play "Revista Nacional". She met the actor and producer Adrian Suar, who took her to play a secretary in Sin Código, a satirical police sitcom where Suar was the main actor. Her character was named "Flor", a nerd that fell in love with her boss, who did not even notice. Griselda won the Clarin Award and Martin Fierro Award as new female artist for this role. She posed for the Argentine edition of Playboy magazine, but she was not satisfied with the production. She worked the following year in the Sos Mi Vida telenovela, and in the musical Sweet Charity. Debbie, her character in Sos mi vida, a shallow woman with many clichés, became more popular than her previous one. During that program she became friends with fellow actress Carla Peterson, and although they did not work together again in the same TV production, they arranged a joint theater play in 2009, "Corazón Idiota". Her first leading role was in 2007, in the teen drama Patito Feo. Her character "Carmen" was the mother of the main character, and the main adult character. The telenovela included musicals and an international tour by the end of the year, so she also had to sing and dance. By that year, her relationship with Adrián Suar became public.The success of Patito Feo allowed for a second season in 2008. She worked in Para vestir Santos, and currently works at the superhero live-action television series Los Unicos. Siciliani is the main actress, along with Mariano Martinez and Nicolás Cabré. Although Nicolás Cabré plays his former character of "Axel Etcheverry" from the Sin Código, 2005 telenovela, the character of Siciliani is unrelated to her former character of "Flor". This time, she plays "María Soledad Marini", a stealth agent with superhuman strenght. Griselda Siciliani (Argentinian Actress) in catsuit showing her ass while she is doing a pole dance: Download: (40,19 MB - 1 min 59 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/rerulrheh http://rapidgator.net/file/d50b14bded238d5265d5487a26bda73c/Gri_Si_01.mp4.html
  7. Alejandra Maglietti (Born Oct. 27,1985) Alejandra Maglietti is a glamour model and a presenter from Argentina. She appeared in Playboy.
  8. Claudia Ciardone Claudia Ciardone is an Argentine model and television celebrity.
  9. Photographer: Anibal Vecchio Model: Martina Rousseau
  10. Barbara Ferrari Argentina Actrees dancer model
  11. Lau Armella From Argentina Her Eyes.
  12. Magali Mora (Argentinian model): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6085554/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 in a tigh little shorts, showing her big ass & tits in a hot parade: Download: (27,66 MB, 1 min 03 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/dkcgw1zes http://rg.to/file/bc522da9e1897c4e9fa6cc4ca244c700/Mag_Mor_04_(thekid-videos).mp4.html
  13. Virginia da Cunha (born June 15, 1981, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine singer-songwriter, composer and actress. She was a member of Argentine all-female band Bandana (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Da_Cunha) Virginia Da Cunha (Argentinian Actress & Singer) in spandex, bikini & swimsuit showing her body in a tv show: Download: (92,74 MB - 3 min 59 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/gulqnm84g http://rapidgator.net/file/5151bb07f17043288a95c12a607e4fb5/Vi_DaCu_01.mp4.html
  14. Jimena Cyrulnik was born on November 8, 1975. She is a model an actress, known for Versus (1998), La Banda de Cantaniño (2002) and Caiga quien Caiga - CQC (1995).: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1000650/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm Jimena Cyrulnik (Argentinian Model) pregnant showing her big tits in bikini in a photo session: Download: (19,05 MB - 1 min 17 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://rapidgator.net/file/31b3425ffe82b3f8aac8128f810275f4/video.rar.html
  15. Romina Gaetani was born on April 15, 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an actress, known for Herederos de una venganza (2011), Botineras (2009) and Chiquititas (1995). ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0300677/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm)ro Romina Gaetani (Argentinian Actress) wearing a thong in a comercial spot & backstage: Download: (27,14 MB - 1 min 57 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/qblg5mazo http://rapidgator.net/file/56807313de6c83c126934a62577b6351/Ro_Ga_01.mp4.html
  16. Bárbara Lombardo was born on October 15, 1980 in Palermo, Buenos Aires City, Distrito Federal, Argentina as María Bárbara Lombardo. She is an actress, known for Los Roldan (2004), The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) and Resistire (2003). (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1360152/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm) Barbara Lombardo (Argentinian Actress) in the role of a tropical dancer wearing spandex in a tv serie: Download: (24,87 MB, 1 min 19 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/061po7kcm http://rg.to/file/da3fd6c6960262ca6b5cc273f8f46ed8/Bar_Lom_01.mp4.html
  17. Marina Calabro: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1472076/ (with Iliana Calabro) hot in bikini and thong in a videoclip: Download: (32,67 MB - 1 min 48 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/9ve0rxjbf http://rapidgator.net/file/e08c796f6cc3642115a1638dcdf3f158/Mar_Cal_01.mp4.html
  18. Andrea Ghidone Segundo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrea_Ghidone) (born June 10, 1978 in Montevideo) is a Uruguayan vedette, fashion model, professional dancer and actress of theater and television known for her work in Argentina. Ghidone is known for her work with the veteran stand-up comedienne and actress, Carmen Barbieri, she has worked for Barbieri's theater company and has been in all of her musicals since late-2008: Vedettísima in 2009; Fantástica in 2010; Bravísima in 2011; Barbierísima in 2012; Escándalosas in 2013. She has also modeled for Maxim's June 2010 cover in Argentina. Ghidone participated in the sixth season of Bailando por un Sueño in 2010 (Bailando is the Argentine version of Dancin With The Stars). She finished in 18th place losing to the boxer, Fabio "La Mole" Moli. Andrea Ghidone (Argentinian Model) wearing a tiny and tight white & red swimsuit in a tv show: Download: (93,99 MB - 3 min 54 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/2r8jc1mgk http://rapidgator.net/file/816546b59cb8efae8978269f84d45c2b/An_Gh_01.mp4.html
  19. Laura Miller (b. Buenos Aires, September 10, 1974) is an actress, model and pop singer from Argentina. Biography Her taste for the song started very soon, that's why she studied singing until she received as teacher. As a child, she appeared in the quiz program Festilindo, and won the competition, earning the right to join the group, touring with it throughout Argentina and recording three albums. At age 15, was called to participate in the play "The boys also do magazine". She was in Mar del Plata, Cordoba and Buenos Aires. Then she auditioned for Channel 13 for cycle Boulder, was selected from 3,500 applicants. Later, she participated in "Learning to fly", another strip of that channel. At the end of the strip, she was called to act in a novel "Little women Forever" at Channel 9. She also participated as an actress in Truth - Consequence, The Day You Love Me, Roller Coaster and Gasoleros. In 1998 she signed a contract with Warner Music who released his first album called "A way for you", it came off the singles life, talking about you, and now not a cover of the song by Sandro As I did. In 2000, Laura won the Premio Gardel to music for his first album, competing with Axel Fernando. Also in that year, she opened for Shakira when he performed in Buenos Aires. A year later (2001), the sale brings his second album, self-titled, Laura Miller. Her return marks the hit Shoot him, composed Coti Sorokin. After a few years of musical break in 2004 Laura reappears on screen playing Mercedes, a policewoman in Telefe channel unit "Fly & Smith". In 2005 signed for the second season of the miniseries, in Germany as well as recording his third studio album and first bilingual album titled Freedom, recorded with the Vienna Symphony. In early 2006, Miller goes to Channel 13, which acts in the telenovela emerald necklace. In 2007 she played the villain of the novel afternoons Channel 13 Women of anyone. In late 2008, signing with the BMV record producer Productions, along with Pablo Ramirez and edit the album Love, which goes on sale in April 2009. During 2010-2011, joins the cast of The Big Show, a play produced by Dario Arellano, along with several figures as Gladys Florimonte, La Mole Moli, Juan Alberto Mateyko, Florence Tesouro, Cinthia Fernandez and a group of dancers, toured several cities (Salta, Jujuy, Santa Fe, Córdoba, Misiones) and abroad (Uruguay, Paraguay). In late 2011, Laura signed with producer Big Globo, to form part of the play Venice, written by Argentine Jorge Accame, which took several awards worldwide. In this work, presented in Villa Carlos Paz, worked with Roly Serrano, Maria Rosa Fugazot, Betty Villar, Pablo Gimenez and Kurt Bethlehem, under the direction of René Bertrand. The play received several awards in the 2011-2012 season, including Carlos had 4 Awards Awards 6 nominations. On June 3, 2012, Laura leads the musical comedy Three women with luggage beside Sapu Artaza and Florence Rovere, directed by Fabrizio Origlio with music by Carlos Giani, Diego Cortez Diaz Vila and produced by Maximilian Bartfeld. In late October 2012, Laura enters recording their new album pop Ship studies, this new material is being produced by Guillermo medium and Universal Music Publishing Group. On departure in March 2013 to record stores, and in January 2013 in digital format. Entering www.larala.com, you register and you can listen to or download the themes of this new material was fitted on Friday January 25, 2013. Laura Miller (Argentinian singer) wearing a thong and spandex in her last videoclip: Download: (29,08 MB - 1 min 45 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/wafup2mmx http://freakshare.com/files/nlygjqop/La_Mi_01.mp4.html
  20. Ariadna Monica Antonopulos (b. January 8 of 1982 , San Justo , La Matanza ) Antonopulos known as Monica, is an actress Argentina winner of Martin Fierro , who is better known in 2008 with his starring role in Ana Monserrat Stolen Lives by Facundo Arana . Her first television job as an actress was in the second season of No Code and then began working in Son de Fierro , playing Sisi's sister Lucy (the mother of the family, played by Maria Valenzuela ). However, their participation was short, and he retired from the program to work in the play "Odd Couple". To justify the removal of the actress, the plot of the show made her character suffered a car accident, which would have forced the plastic surgery done. From that point, the character was played by actress Isabel Macedo . He also participated as an actress in the video clip of the song Crime of Gustavo Cerati . During 2008, plays the character of Anna on Stolen Lives , partner character Facundo Arana . On it, Arana said: "She owns a security that does not need over 700 strips to show he's a great actress. Mirás and pashas The view from the look you have. Y owns a beauty encontrás not. I remember that I was struck by the work he did with Luis Rubio: he stood in front of camera and made a number of goodies that made me think: what zarpada. And no, it was not, was an actress doing of that character. then saw it in a novel, I found it and I thought played. barely suggested me Telefé as heroin, I felt great. " In the year 2009 began with the strip Heritage of Love, which is high in the second stage of this story. The novel was a success and demonstrated immense acting ability , then ended up acting in love heritage , portraying chef Julia Di Salvo. In the year 2011 , part of the soap opera The Chosen , on the screen of Telefe , starring Paul Echarri , Paola Krum and Brédice Leticia , in the role of Greta Saenz Valiente, one greedy lawyer, who is also a lesbian. The year 2013 is one of the stars of Neighbours at war by Telefe : Your character is Ivana, the antagonist of Eleonora Wexler and partner Mike Amigorena . Monica Antonopulos (Argentinian Actress and Model) wearing spandex and showing nipples and her thong in a tv serie: Download: (51,15 MB, 2 min 24 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/bnuzcj5zl http://freakshare.com/files/vcgpqvza/Mo_An_01.mp4.html
  21. Eleonora Wexler (born April 2, 1974, in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an ACE Awardes Argentine actress, who started her career in Argentine version of the musical Annie, aged nine. Eleonora Wexler (Argentinian Actress) raised in the air from her breasts and wearing spandex in a tv serie: Download: (22,25 MB, 1 min 20 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/nrae3w5ob http://rapidgator.net/file/018072872c584578ba6a3a2ba5478c27/E_Wx_01.mp4.html
  22. Claudia Albertario Rodríguez (born May 16, 1977) is an Argentine model, vedette and actress of theatre, television & film. Notable credits include Amigovios (1995), Como pan caliente (1996), Montaña rusa, otra vuelta (1997), Chiquititas (1997–1999), Gasoleros (1998 y 1999), and Verano del ¡98 (1998–2001). She also appeared on Dancing on Ice around the world. Claudia Albertario (Argentinian Actress & Model) showing her ass in a tiny swimsuit in a tv show: Download: (129,13 MB - 5 min 02 secs - 1280x720 - MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/hfteyw7pn http://rapidgator.net/file/cbf3ee6bb2eaac72b4e5fac5ae5dc950/Cl_Al_01.mp4.html
  23. Eugenia Tobal (Argentinian Actress and Model): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0867813/ wearing thongs and underwear, alone in a backstage: Download: (13,43 MB, 3 min 53 secs, 640x360, MP4) http://depositfiles.org/files/6h5a0j5km http://rapidgator.net/file/91579d8e24d55ccadca9622fa4b15e65/Eu_To_01.mp4.html
  24. Isabella Carla Conte (Buenos Aires, April 19 of 1977) (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3080546/) is an model, actress and host of Argentina. She began his television career in the program Call TV in 2004. She began in 2001 in the Videoclip of Memphis Blusera (Irresponsible), then as a dancer in a game show in Costa Rica, A Todo Dar. She returned to Argentina in 2004 leading Call TV, a game show of the late-night phone Channel 9, along with Emiliano Rella. Seeing her talent as a host and her sympathy, Channel 9 calls to host the return of Feliz Domingo with David Kavlin and Silvio Soldan. From that time began to become known and be a guest on numerous television programs. She was nominated for an award Martín Fierro under "revelation". In 2005, Carla with Emiliano Rella, the other driver of Call TV, leave the cycle and offered to Channel 9 Jugados por Amor, a program where couples were playing for money. Carla Conte also worked on cable channels. Leds Sabelotodo on Fox Sports and a program for women in the signal Cosmopolitan. In 2006 she won the third edition of Dancing with the Stars program Showmatch (Channel 13), hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. In 2007 she returned to Dancing with the Stars program Showmatch. Was eliminated this week on the Country and Reggaeton music (the last eliminated before the semifinals). That same year she started hosting Este es el Show with Jose Maria Listorti for the same channel. In 2008 continued to host Este es el Show and began to lead El Casting de la Tele, both in the company of José María Listorti on Channel 13. In 2009 she formed the cast of a theater play starring Adrian Suar and Guillermo Francella in a very important role. On June 21 of 2009 gave birth to her daughter, Mora, at his home in Buenos Aires. In 2010 leaves Este es el Show, replaced by Denise Dumas. In 2011 began conducting Vivo en Argentina, along with Lalo Mir, for public television. Carla Conte (Argentinian Model and Hostess) wearing tight jeans in a tourism clip: Download: (17,92 MB, 1 min 30 secs, 1280x720, MP4) http://depositfiles....files/wcy672dpa http://rapidgator.ne..._Co_01.mp4.html
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