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  1. chikuwaa

    Miranda Kerr

    thats it..ill KILL orlando bloom..ahahahha.... :evil:
  2. chikuwaa

    Amber Pyper

    im marrying this woman...
  3. chikuwaa

    Jessica Gomes

    girl of my dreams
  4. chikuwaa


    if they get married then i will kill marko....joke.... :evil:hahaa but really, she is becoming more and more beautiful...just as all of you say..perfection
  5. chikuwaa

    Melissa Theuriau

    so damn unbelievably beautiful
  6. chikuwaa

    Raica Oliveira

    ill be glad to help her in her addiction.... :evil:
  7. chikuwaa

    Camila Finn

    omg....so pretty..