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  1. I think it's important to understand some things concerning SISE. It is NOT, and never was designed to be high fashion. It was simply a marketing tool to catch people's (alright, let's admit men!) attention at a time (February) when everyone is tired of winter and looking for a distraction. I think it is fair to say that there are no better distractions than beautiful women in bikinis at a time when every woman in most of the US is covered from head to toe in heavy clothing. Get the picture? As such, and due to the swimsuit editions enormous circulation (far greater than any other issue of SI) it has the ability to literally make the career of whoever appears in the issue. If you listen to any of the videos where Diane or MJ (principal decision makers about which models are chosen to be in SI) speak about the models, they look to give the cover to a veteran who has a track record with SI, and want to introduce new girls to keep it fresh and promote them as their careers develop. Bar Rafaeli, Tori Praver, Irina Sheik are outstanding models in the mould of SI cover models, but they aren't ready yet for the cover. Ana BB and some others have been in and out of the swimsuit issue, so their following is sporadic. Think of it this way: Marisa Miller and Yamila have been mainstays in SI for a long time now and both are household names to SI's male subscribers. Either one should get the cover.
  2. Is there no news or new photos (candids or otherwise) for Yamila?
  3. Yes Moiselles, I do realize that the pairings are random, but it just becomes a popularity contest that takes very little in to account the model's achievements. Wouldn't it be more interesting to put a couple of similarly accomplished models up against each other, such as Christy vs. Linda, or (in SI) Cheryl vs. Elle? I'm just saayyiing!
  4. First off, let's get our facts straight. Veronica Varekova has had only one cover, according to SI--2004 (I think Daniela Pestova was in 1995). In 2006 she did appear on the Allstar cover. She also is in the book, "Exposures" with several other SI cover models. Beyond that, she has appeared in every SI swimsuit edition from 1999-2007. Now, Kathy Ireland has a very glorious past with SI, almost unrivaled, and it would be far more fair to compare her with some other highly acclaimed SI models of her time, such as Elle McPherson (at least they were close to each other in time). I LOVE Veronica's sultry bombshell look. I am a big fan of hers. I ADMIRE Kathy Ireland's achievements with SI and since and think she is beautiful. Which one was the best SI model? Kathy Ireland without a doubt.
  5. Hey fans of Yamila, let's turn out to vote for her!!
  6. Both beautiful girls, but I take Yamila Diaz Rahi!! She has been a mainstay at SI since 1999, appearing in every issue and garnering the cover in 2002. She has appeared at numerous SI promo events, done their calendar and is featured in a coffee table book along with some other well known SI models. It's clear that she has been as supportive of SI as they have been of her. Laeticia is a beauty, but she doesn't have Yamila's tenure and history with SI
  7. Great scans MFM! Thanks for rebuilding her thread with some new postings. Doesn't get any better with the SI shots of Daniela and Yamila together! I think they are friends as I have seen photos of them together at other shoots, and events. Any new candids?
  8. Ziltom, This is a great picture! The great thing about candids is the chance to see someone in a more natural state. In this case Yamila is a natural beauty with no pretense. There must be a story behind this photo. I hope you'll share it! In any case, thanks for this photo.
  9. It's simply been too long since there's been a post on this beautiful woman, and we've lost many images. Would those of you who have images please repost them, especially recent candids? This lady needs to feel some love!
  10. Traveller, thanks for the scans!! Any chance you could scan the interview? We'll have to provide our own translation!
  11. Thanks Zecle for your scans!! Yamila looking fine as always. These seem to be," pre-Euro pictures." I'm guessing 1998-2000? Does anyone have any scans or info from her July 2007 Elle Mexico cover/interview? Great to keep her thread going!
  12. There is much more than straight teeth that goes into making a beautiful smile. You'll notice that a lot of American models have had orthodontics (braces) probably around age 11 or so and therefore have pretty straight teeth and beautiful smiles (ex. Marisa Miller, Cindy Crawford, Christ Turlington, Niki Taylor et al). It is a priority in American society, especially for our young attractive girls. Many foreign, especially Latin girls don't get them and while they are beautiful girls, their society doesn't make it a piority and therfore you have pretty girls with misaligned teeth (list too long to mention!) Most European girls in my observation fall somewhere in between. Aside from issues concerning irregular heights of gumlines (ex.Adriana Lima)there is the issue of overbite and overjet. Overbite is when the teeth are closed and the lower teeth are mostly covered by the upper teeth. Overjet is when the upper teeth protrude out from the lower teeth creating a space between the top and bottom teeth. Why do I bring this up? Well, most models have a significant amount of overjet. This is a sexy feature( ex Claudia Shiffer, Karolina Kurkova have lots of it) and usually results in a slightly retruded jaw(very feminine as opposed to a protruded jaw like Jay Leno, very masculine) and often creates "lip incompetence"(pouty lips) These are features that are very desirable in models, and we haven't even begun to talk about jaw/skeletal structure. There are many, many more parameters which we don't need to get in to here that I use to create a beautiful smile, but the most important one which no professional can create for you is HEART. That's why Petra Nemcovas smile is incredible!!
  13. So many beautiful women listed in this thread, and a few with very unique and striking features which clearly are eye-catching. If I had to choose women who I think would be UNIVERSALLY thought of as beautiful, I would say in no particular order: Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Laeticia Casta, Daniela Pestova, Christy Turlington, Yamila Diaz Rahi. Grace, Audrey, Christy and Daniela have AMAZING symmetry and proportion. Sophia, Laeticia and Yamila have a sultryness and captivate with their eyes and lips.
  14. In all the candids I've seen of Yamila Diaz Rahi she is never seen smoking. Her father is a physician, so hopefully she knows better
  15. Thanks Zecle for the scans! Do you or anyone else have any of her most recent photos? Yamila looks great!!
  16. There are a couple of good videos of Yamila's old SI shoot (I think 2002, her cover year) on heavy.com. She's pretty sultry!! If anyone knows of any more sources of videos/news, etc. let us know. Let's keep the Yamila thread going!!
  17. By the outline of the jaw and lips, it looks like Veronika Varekova to me
  18. If you look at Yamila's photos from SI 2002 or older, you'll see that, although not long ago, she looked very young for her age. She seems to be coming into her own even more now as far as her look, and has maintained a certain,"fresh" youthful appearance which I think will allow her to model for quite some time still. Unfortunately, we now see less of her, apart from SI. She also seems to be a genuinely sweet person when you see her on video (check out SI.com by year, and searchforvideo.com for Today Show video) She appears on Today Show and Tonight Show with Daniela Pestova so they must be acquainted. I'm afraid Yamila may fall into the same group as Daniela, Veronika Varekova, Elsa Benitez- all girls you don't see much anymore (our loss) She also did a book ,'Exposures' of photos with the above mentioned girls and others and it is smokin'! This current crop of VS Angels, although great, have got nothin' on Yamila, and these other girls!
  19. She is also a bit older now (late 20's or early 30's depending on what you read) and may not be as popular as when she was the SI cover in 2002. However, she looks every bit as youthful, sexy and stunning as any of the current VS girls. I think Batman has it right; she probably prefers a lower profile than say, Petra Nemcova, who is everywhere, and constantly photographed. It is our loss, however, as she seems to be a truly sweet person if her appearances on talk shows (Tonight Show, Today Show) are a gauge. She should have her own official website, given her accomplishments, and this might help to promote her better. I think she could do a lot more shoots if she wanted to.
  20. I'm with you ADRI!! I'm shocked she isn't really big. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  21. How about some updated info and or candids on this very exotic woman. We rarely see her much except when the latest issue of SI comes around, and I'm afraid since she has been in it for a long time now, it may be time to retire her a la Daniela Pestova. This would be a shame as she looks much younger than she is and easily looks as stunning if not more so than the younger ones. Can anyone shed some light and share some pics on this beauty?
  22. The thing to remember, it seems to me, is that VS is in the business of selling a product which is based on creating for its wearer a feeling of sexiness, playfulness and a general sense of a woman feeling good about herself and how she exudes this to others. You can buy underwear at Walmart, but you won't "feel" like you are wearing VS!! So with this in mind VS needs to understand their target demographics clearly (primarily Americans). It's not enough for VS to show us beautiful women wearing their products, we need to hear how they feel and relate to them as spokespersons for the brand. There are a lot of beautiful women who could easily look good in VS stuff, but VS need someone who can get this message across to their audience. The challenge for them is to find this model. I've given you my suggestion, Marisa Miller, but I would like to hear others as well, and why it would be good for VS, not just that she is your favorite.
  23. You may think I'm crazy, but VS should consider Marisa Miller. She definetly has the body( if VS wants to sell bras, put them on a girl with real boobs) shes American(good for an American brand) she can speak well and is understood, and every guy would admit she's smoking hot! That would be a good business move to balance out the overload of Euro and Latin models which Americans think are beautiful but can't relate to.
  24. Thanks for the images and keep them coming!! Still, can anyone give any personal/professional info on this beautiful woman?
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