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  1. She didnt put on weight. These dresses are clearly not for her dream shape. It just makes her fat. She have a perfect hape and weight.
  2. I'm a big fan of Barbara. But I think her last year's Cannes outfits were milion times better. This pink gown puts on her so much plus weight...
  3. I cant believe she have that horrible outfit + hair. AGAIN
  4. I dont like her dresses!! All of them are dark/black and donesn't suits her perfect hourglass figure!!! I would like to see her in something refreshing like this.
  5. As far as I know she didnt attend to Billboard - at least not at the red carpet. I have no idea why she isn't in Cannes. The amfAR will be tomorrow, I thought she'll be there just like two years ago in 2015
  6. Glad to see she's in Cannes!!
  7. She and Irina Shayk are not a L'oréal Paris ambassador anymore?? Didn't see them in the brand's official line up.
  8. Guess it's one of the many reasons she isn't booked for more covers..
  9. Check Adriana's Vogue covers before saying something like that..... she have 4-5 Vogue covers at least with closed month. When its not closed, at least her's are half closed but not totally open lol
  10. So I guess we will she Doutzen in this week in Cannes in Balmain dress?? :)))
  11. I'm glad that she have a Grazia cover. Wish she would modeling more
  12. As I know Anna Wintour invite every guest. Designers can choose which one of them they want to dress up. ANYWAY have few beautiful dresses as well............... (last season for example)
  13. Umm, she could easily choose a beautiful dress!! There's no any rule she have to wear THIS or THAR designer from THIS or THAT collection. Why not she pick a Versace dress? ANY. Or something from Ralph Lauren? Comeon. She choose this dress and thats the end of the topic.
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