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  1. Gigi look - 6.5 (get rid of the sleeve & fanny pack) Sara wings - 7 look - 8.5
  2. I’ve missed participating in comps! Josephine wings 9 look 8 Aiden look 4
  3. LuckyXR

    General Discussion

    Elsa looks lovely in the white outfit VS posted on their FB
  4. LuckyXR

    General Discussion

    They have to be having people perform together, otherwise it’ll be a long show.
  5. LuckyXR

    General Discussion

    Hey loves Just realized I hadn’t been around in ages. I almost forgot about the show till I saw the bra on IG. Congrats to Elsa, but meh, $1m. Kinda stinks for her.
  6. A handful that I follow follow Kadel plus ed & jerome
  7. it’s sad how much talent rests in such despicable people — in all aspects of the arts.
  8. Romee & Jo both look pretty good. The bra strap hanging out is a strategic move obviously, but could have been skipped. Never a combo I would have thought of to do press together.
  9. Because you have, all the shoots lately seem to follow the same tone. Cutesy bff junk. IMO Only a few Valentine’s Day shots are ok. Pink is the biggest draw so they are trying too much to blur the lines between the 2 brands and it just isn’t working. In recent swim years, the year they did the Hawaii shoots were the last almost artistic thing they’ve done.
  10. 1. Gizele 2. Frida 3. Aiden worst Vanessa
  11. She almost has that “get the camera out of my fucking face” face.
  12. In everyone’s opinion: If they expanded sizes to include larger ones like so many people complain about (while including a plus size model), would it make a difference?
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