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  1. Jasmine Tookes Wings: 4 Overall Look: 6 Jourdana Phillips Overall Look: 4
  2. Candice Swanepoel Wings: 6 Overall Look: 2 Shanina Shaik Overall Look: 9
  3. Cindy Bruna Wings: 6 Overall Look: 6 Yasmin Wijnaldum Overall Look: 7 Behati Prinsloo Wings: 7 Overall Look: 4
  4. Lameka Fox Overall look: 3 Kendall Jenner Overall look: 9
  5. Lais Ribeiro Wings: 10 Overall look: 6 Liu Wen Wings: 3 Overall look: 4
  6. Gigi Hadid Overall Look: 6 Sara Sampaio Wings: 10 Overall Look: 10
  7. Picture of Romee from 18 hrs ago got 1.1 million. Just saying.
  8. Josephine Skriver. Wings: 10 Overall Look: 7 Aiden Curtis. Overall Look: 7
  9. Taylor Hill Wings: 7 Overall Look: 4 Alexina Graham Overall Look: 5
  10. Isabell

    General Discussion

    Guys will you ever be happy with anything? It's getting ridiculous at this point.
  11. Isabell

    General Discussion

    So? Candice has kids as well and she did the same video with a damn good result. My point is if you can't do your make up don't do videos like this one
  12. Isabell

    General Discussion

    You can't also expect people praising her for this video. She looks really bad. And if she calls THAT date night make up then I am fucking ET...
  13. She is here for sure but we all want her to leave at the top. But I don't see that coming now. I actually think now with Taylor opening the show and Behati back + how much VS pushing NA's I don't think she will open a segment at all and she will for SURE not lead the finale so now basically she's just like a regular model. I hope I'm wrong but..that's not what she desereve at the end of the day P:S From you're previous posts it's clear that you see that she's way too over VS. Sure she might stay till 40 but there's really no point.
  14. Hi JJ 😊 it's been a long time but today I've been thinking about you. Hope everything is okay and you're fine Xx 

    1. jj3


      Hi Isabell ! Thanks for the message ! I'm very well. I hope all is fine with you too, regards :)

  15. At the end of the day she can be happy with her work for VS she achieved so much that no one is even close to her nor no one ever will be. I just want her to get out because VS is joke lately.. Only thing VS care about are the Kardashians/Hadids.. And NA's which is a good thing because they need to push new girls same as they did with Adriana back in 00's. I think she's really over VS, grateful but over.
  16. Isabell

    General Discussion

    The bodysuit is for sure elastic and it's not like Candy's butt is that small so Kylie couldn't squeeze in lmao .. you need to let it go
  17. Isabell

    General Discussion

    Lily did her press for fb in Santa Monica while the show was held in NY...
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