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  1. Thanks ! Do you know which it was ?
  2. Hi guys, just a little question : is she Monika ?
  3. Does anybody have a picture of Antonina wearing a weddind dress ? Would like to see that, she must look really beautiful with a dress like that
  4. I second that, she's absolutely mesmerizing
  5. It's the same during PFW. You know that Miranda is Paris, not far from you, but it's impossible to see her. She just disappear
  6. She is not naked ...... you are seeing exactly what the artist wants you to see. Marketing people playing with our minds Thanks guys
  7. Is she naked ? It dont seems she is but I dont see a panty or something
  8. Here's a part of it. I saw the whole pic but can't remember where
  9. Jackiiiiie ! Sorry it seems I'm more excited to see Charlie than Doutzen lol
  10. Cause Charlie doesn't wear his SOA coat
  11. Flynn is so big and tall, he looks like 5 not 4 BTW don't like his hair :yuckky: Ahah that's what I was thinking, he looks so big now. And I don't like his hair too
  12. With our French Marine Deleeuw ! Thanks
  13. Not new guys... It was five years ago.
  14. This shoot is not bad, don't get me wrong I hate Terry Richardson, but this time I think that his work is not disgusting
  15. Didn't know that, why did they photoshoped it ? by the way, thanks for the info
  16. Zhenya Katava !!! Dalia Guenther Henriett Barabas Frida Aasen Nadine Leopold Michea Crawford
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