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  1. She said that we will never see her working with VS. I'm pretty happy about that, she deserves the best.
  2. What about Alanna Arrington ? She's a great model !
  3. I admit that Lily Aldridge's catwalk is baaaad. I din't think it' sur because she isn't thin enough, Doutzen wasn't very thin. I still think that her catwalk is a problem... Sandra is beautiful and has a beautiful body there is no doubt, but she doesn't look like a model for me ( because I am more into HF). I think she acts a little too much "bitchy", always. Remember that story when a fan asked her if she had fake breast ? Sandra insulted her, but some days later she said during a podcast or something that she had fake boobs. Why the hell she insulted the fan if it's for saying some days later that she were right ? So for me, her catwalk & personality are not good for VS. But I agree with you on something : she would fits VS perfectly (it's over dead for HF)
  4. I think that her catwalk is not goot at all, she's doing too much. Just walk, girl.
  5. Maartje by me after Chanel - March 2016.
  6. Ola Rudnicka by me after Chanel - March 2016. ( She was really nice and kind with us )
  7. Miranda just said YES to Evan. So, her and Orlando are divorced ? I thought they were still not
  8. It's not *uck but "Follow"
  9. She is still married to Orlando
  10. Sasha/Саша shot by me after Chanel :
  11. Aymeline after Valentino, shot by me
  12. So, if people doesn't like Barbara's body, their "standards" are ridicules ? Perso' I think she has a great body, but not for modeling, not the way I like it. For exemple, for me SI is not modeling but just beautiful girls showing their body.... I don't get it. You can't say that. Skinny doesn't mean anorexic or looking anorexic... So what about Haute Couture ? Sasha Luss, Zhenya Katava, Binx Walton, Lexi Boling ? They are anorexic looking Models ? No. I can understand that You are tired of Barbara's body bashing and disrespectful comments about her, but saying this means exactly the same about skinny models.
  13. Willow Hand after Chanel - Paris Fashion Week - January 26th, 2016. ( Shot by me )
  14. There is only one truth; ours. 

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