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  1. Same, I don't know why they'd do this. But well, we'll see
  2. It's aboslutely not against her horus, just the shoot
  3. I did, and that's why I don't like VS shoots. We almost can see her pubis man...
  4. I agree with Ella. How is it vulgar ? Come on Shemer, you think it's something to do ? And after that we will all hear some women say " We're not sexual objects ! ", but that's what you show.
  5. You call that becoming a woman ? Do you really think she has to do some suggestive poses like this one to become an interesting model and, more importantly, a woman ? I'm tired of all these "sexual" shoots in the industry ! I find it, not disgusting, but not beautiful. It's not sexy, not glamour, not.... Not modeling for me. It's like the photographer said " Let's do it, strike that pose, great. Now guys, you can go fap ". I really don't like it. ( I feel the same for Kroes, Aldridge etc ones )
  6. The last pic is priceless, Miranda & the Kremlin... This is more than beautiful
  7. Hi guys ! Do you have some news about Sasha ? She didn't post anything for 1 one week, and the last time she did this it's because she was in the hospital... ( It broke my heart ).
  8. Anja, Miranda and Rosie, all three together ? It's getting serious of course.
  9. Well, we'll see because I have no idea too. I paid no attention to Anja's clothes but yes Miranda is wearing a white outfit ( that seems sexy by the way, hope not to much ). Jon Kortajarena didn't post anything about 7FAM so I don't know
  10. I agree, it's pretty weird.
  11. What about this session ? I mean what it will be ?
  12. Miranda Kerr + Mother Russia, this is something really great ! There's a big "fanbase" in Moscow ?
  13. It's her first time in Russia if I'm right, no ?
  14. Thank you Ewciolina, you're right !
  15. She's still on top of the fashion world, you may not like it now but that's the truth мой друг. Yep Miranda walked for Sonia Rykiel only, but tell me for who Lima walked ? I have nothing against her ( but I don't like her I admit ) but for me she's got less attention than Miranda. I admit that her Haute Couture work is inexistant, but Lima's too ( like all the models that are 30+years ). Lily Aldridge work with VS = No HC work, no covers, it's almost the same for every Angels... Behati's HC work ? Same as Lily. ( and I really love Behati ). It seems that the more attention you got, the less H
  16. VS is the little league man... Miranda still walk during Fashion Week events. Miranda is doing crappy things ? Well let' s talk about Alessandra Ambrosio's work for exemple : except VS, what is she doing that is really good ? And Erin Heatherton, Lindsay Ellingson, Lily Aldridge ? VS doesn't make the model, it's the model who makes VS and Miranda is a real loss for them ( as same as Doutzy ). You can't say that she's doing crappy work, she does what she wants. Swarovski is a great brand, she is everywhere in the streets, same when she was working with Mango and H&M " no model would leave
  17. I'm happy to see Pauline working with Miles McMillan
  18. Just saw Miranda at the French TV, and she spoke French aww cute ! She said "Bonsoir" ( good evening ), "ça va ?" ( how are you ) and "Merci beaucoup" ( thank you very much ). Even if I heard her voice so many times, I can't help but find it very cute #WeWillAlwaysLoveYouMiranda Stylish point : I don't really like her pink dress, it's a beautiful dress don't get me wrong but it's a bit too much revealing for me.
  19. I don't like her VS work... It's not bad, not at all don't get me wrong, but I prefer to see her on the HC/HF runways
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