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  1. Fabulous news. had no idea.
  2. I miss Daria. Where is she? Thanks Child in time
  3. Why there are so less of her work. She's stunning
  4. Finally, some news about her. Stunning. Good interview but leaves you wanting some more information. Thanks child in time.
  5. Thanks Sunshine. She looks so good these days
  6. Hi everyone. Does anyone know what happened with this documental about Davide Sorrenti? http://see-know-evil.tumblr.com
  7. These ads are beautiful. I love her in Black and White. Thanks SunAngel
  8. I personally believe she has ruled the fashion world already. Glamour is also have free time and the freedom to do anything she wants. And to word with anyone she wants. I like her philosophy of being more "real" and less "model prototype".
  9. Best picture. She`s looking amazing and so natural.
  10. I mean, come on!! She is by far the best. http://www.racked.com/2016/1/14/10770140/ag-jeans-daria-werbowy-campaign I love the idea of "a natural gender" campaign
  11. Dear God. This is perfect. I love it. Thanks Priapus
  12. Monday feels like... Daria on a plane. Happy New Year.
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