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  1. It isn't. It's just a fan meet, selling tickets for pictures, autographs.
  2. Will she attend the oscar after party?
  3. I never like him, I always thought that Candice could do better but it's her life so I just support everything that make her happy.
  4. She featured briefly in the Coldplay documentary also.
  5. 45085257_1822840357765400_3357424672751151228_n.mp4 45189580_309242823230479_3477425504856566853_n.mp4 45212833_706202726406742_3302262572625441102_n.mp4 45362033_516942918821382_8309241407416367234_n.mp4 45632950_561098347659075_8755006900197271529_n.mp4 45635642_2176341419044821_684037510229089283_n.mp4 45732496_115156572754000_8130716336305246995_n.mp4
  6. 45346969_583424285445027_6914497431170455649_n.mp4 45362033_516942918821382_8309241407416367234_n.mp4 45468562_321453778441438_7588899655272318322_n.mp4.e41c5e4fb49cb27a463e5b53211c4ba8.mp4 45732496_115156572754000_8130716336305246995_n.mp4 45632950_561098347659075_8755006900197271529_n.mp4
  7. leomie, gizele, chey did the hair test earlier https://people.com/style/victorias-secret-fashion-show-2018-models-hair-undone-natural/
  8. more photos from daily mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6361881/Romee-Strijd-shows-model-figure-Swarovski-Crystal-Bra-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-fitting.html
  9. I think that somebody just think about VS for a show, not for a brand that doing a show as one of their marketing strategy. So they think that Behati is one of their star so VS must treat her with special treatment. something like that.
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