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  1. ! penny for a Penny! I hope you are well and just have better things to do with your time than post on the forum but I do miss seeing your byline. (sigh)

  2. Hi Chocolate. Why am I here? Well I can assaure you it has nothing to do with your new Member's picture... Ok... a little bit to do with that. Happy New Year!

  3. Very nice ines post, welcome to the forum

  4. Hurray for edidu, giving the Spanish Models their due!

  5. Penny! Great to know your still around! It's been Yeeeeeeeears! You still have the best pics!

  6. Hi more than average Joe, just wanted to send you props for cataloging the discussion pages. Genius!

  7. It's a clue to Carman's excape

    That gisele pic was going to be my next post. Glad you got to it first as your patter was much better than anything I was musing over

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