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  1. THanks, hon! Pretty girl - kinda interesting mix of Myf and Isabelli IMO
  2. Oh yes, definitely, and it should be illegal all over the world and every cannabis plant should be destroyed and never to be grown again and I'm against it and don't want to have anything to do with people who ever dared to look at a joint because everyone who looks at it turns naturally into a junkie shortly after and is a nuisance to our social system and all that you know!
  3. Blumarine ss 2010 source: tfs credit: teja
  4. Blumarine ss 2010 source: tfs credit: teja
  5. one more D&G ss 2010 sourece: style.com
  6. I thought it might be a bit of too long a shot to post the pic when I first saw it, but now style.com "confirmed" it's Luca indeed D&G ss 2010 source: style.com
  7. Pin up stars ss 2010 source: spiegel.de
  8. Enrico coveri ss 2010 source: style.it
  9. Moschino cheap & chic ss 2010 source: wwd
  10. She's painfully thin at the moment. The Spice Girls by Mario Testino Vogue US Jan 1998 source: LJ, ru glamour credit: assainova
  11. Thanks! W Magazine photos by Steven Klein source: LJ, ru glamour credit: sokkolova
  12. From the movie "Heat", 1995 source: LJ, lady lavinia
  13. Could you please change the last name? It's "de Rijk":hug: http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=15563 Done . ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average
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