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  1. Seems like there's some kind of 60th Anniversary "legends" event/shoot brewing, per rumblings on Instagram.
  2. She's so gorgeous. She seems to have left bikinis and lingerie behind in favor of creating quirky videos on Instagram.
  3. I remember it well. Love that red and black number on Carol Alt. And the "Obsession" pic of Elle is an all-time favorite.
  4. Listen, I long for the days when the swimsuit issue was nothing but impossibly hot women. But I don't have the same loathing of the new direction that a lot of people have. I think there is a legitimate case to make about pushing beauty standards and inviting more inclusion. A lot of it does nothing for me, but that's fine -- I'm not the king of bikinis. But it's very weird to me that we live in a world where Barbara Palvin, Stacey Williams, and Stephanie Seymour were never cover models, but Martha Stewart is.
  5. Went back to refresh my memory -- she had some cute pics last year.
  6. Okay, Padma is probably my #1 celebrity crush, and I just got a lot more interested in this year's issue.
  7. Sara really does make a Dream Team with Bikini Lovers and Cameron Hammond.
  8. That shoot was my introduction to both of them. I thought they were super cute together. Can't believe it was 9 years ago...
  9. Oh, man. Thanks for posting, I hadn't heard. That genuinely bums me out. For better or for worse, she's responsible for a lot of the real estate in my brain.
  10. Damn, even the city of Venice is visibly turned on...
  11. Thank you -- big Haley fan, love getting new pics!
  12. I don't know where you found all those lovely Elle SI outtakes, but thank you for sharing them. I don't think I'd ever seen any of them before.
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