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  1. 2 kids???

    When did that happen to Maryna??

  2. Sam12

    5 star rating for you too fery. You are a great person and even better for having similar opinions as mine lol.

  3. AHHHH


    I missed the E thing though.


  4. Are the shoes that good haha??

    The video of her walk hasn't been released yet Celine, only of Doutzen, Flavia and a few others. As soon as there is one, I will do something about, or rather ask someone to make it, since they made the Doutzen one too.

  5. Are you feeling Lara for VS??

  6. Are you going somewhere?? Skiing perhaps??

  7. ARGHHH your inbox is full, I cannot message you, delete some messages so I can reply!!

    Jessica officially founded the Church of Selitan!!!

  8. Can you believe it Celine, I was in the downtown area, near Water Street, on the day before she committed suicide. I did not know her as a model prior to her death, but its just sad to think that she was there living one day and gone the next. It truly is a tragedy. I haven't been back there since, but when I do, I will be sure to pay tribute to her there.

  9. Celine fly to New York so we can sneak in as crew members on the VS jet going to Miami. That is the only option left now. Think of all the possibilities on that airplane, stuck in mid air with Behati and Trentini and Zimmerman and Poly and Kroes....

  10. Celine SCAN SCAN PLEASE!!!!

    I hope your school is going well. Your internship is coming up right, you better come to NY!!!

  11. Celine, did you see all the pictures of Behati with the angels in the store appearance????

    I dont think she fits in well, and I think she seemed a bit bored there lol

  12. CELINE!!!!!!!

    I am not liking this system where you appear after a couple of weeks and disappearsoon after . What is going on?? You are working too hard and need to relax. And what happened to the scans huh lol?? I waited and waited and then had to find them myself :(

    Trentini, Prinsloo, Rocha miss you!!! We all miss you!

    Can y

  13. CELINE!!!!!

    You have totally disappeared. They must love you at your jobs for keeping you away from here lol.

    OMG Celine, you need to get a PDA or something to remind you when important things like Behati happen. Its ok though, I missed seeing Doutzen in NYC yesterday :(

  14. CELINE!!!

    Belated Happy New Year to you!

    I am so busy with studies now, I wish I had more time to come here.

  15. CHRISTMAS ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So happy for Doutzy!

    I was shocked when I saw the picture of her and Emanuela.

  16. Classic song and a classic commercial, though I am not fond of Freja Baha

    haha I never noticed you and your friend are tryin to be all Behati and COCO haha, very close to it, though you need that little cheese/food item she is holding and you are not having the right expression on your face

  17. Congrats on Andrew win!

    How are you feeling now?

  18. Daria misses you!!

  19. Diarrhea waterbowl ;)

  20. Did I say something wrong QQ?? :(

  21. Did you see Behati's show card btw, its Indian and she looks beautiful in like a sari like outfit.

  22. did you see Doutzen is ranked number 5 in Forbes richest models annual list????

  23. Doesn't CK look Quite HOT QQ!!

  24. Dolce & Gabbana

    Spring 2005, it is my favorite show of theirs.

  25. Doutzen to me is taking the similar path like Tyra, transitioning into more mainstream with VS, Loreal and the yo-yo diet lol.

    Oh good that the fires are out. I hope things get better there though, was watching terrible footage of Cali yesterday. I cant believe with global warming and everything, these people want to drill for oil here in U.S. It will destroy the environment

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