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  1. Dropping by.


  2. Hahaha really? :rofl:

    that's California

    I bet is always hot.

  3. It is a tropical country.

    And rarely gets cold like this.

    This year is one of them.

    How is the weather out there ?

  4. Yes.

    And the winter didn't come yet.


  5. I bet you are reading Iza's thread.

    Isn't the same Nath

  6. you can talk to Caroline by yourself, you have her orkut. :rofl:

  7. Hahaha

    yeh she really has an amazing body, I forgot abt that. :shifty:

    Julia and I didn't see each other, we went in different days.

  8. There's a lot of models prettier than Gisele, she is not that different from some other, what is fascinating abt her is just...her walk, the professionalism...she's the greatest model IMO. =)

    Hahaha I'll have to try to give your number next season.

  9. Only for Colcci, I guess.

    And she will be modeling again next season.

    No, I didn't see her, but Julia did it.

  10. Too bad I can't say the same about the collection.

  11. Of course.

    But I only saw Colcci collection.

    Gisele was fabulous as usual.

  12. Heeey,

    estou bem. =)

    I can see you've been learning portuguese.

    How have you been ?

  13. I've been hiding myself from the cold. =(

    What are you up to ?

  14. Great, cuz I was hoping to be the first. :D

    Enjoy your birthday dear.


  15. Natalia Guimaraes.

  16. Ly Jonaitis(Venezuela) and Nat

  17. HAPPY B-DAY MATT !!! =)

    :birthday: :flower:

  18. Falta 4...vai nessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I'm the first one. o/



  20. Fica mesmo, aqui

  21. Voltou, at

  22. Hey Jen, add Miss Brazil and Venezuela to the competition. =)

  23. $$$$$$$...

    I told ya !

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