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  1. lol

    aw cry baby, you just miss home, it sucks to move, I can tell you, but you will adapt yourself. =) :hug:

  2. They had a fight, but she can consider and come back home.

    Moreover, you're not that far from LA.

    And what's wrong with...San Jose, right ?

  3. Kkkkkkkkk

    eu estava animada com a entrevista da Gisele pra Angelica, vc viu que fofa ?!!! ^^

    :dance: :dance: :dance:

  4. kkkkkkkkkkk

    eu estava animada com a entrevista da Gisele, pra Angelica, vc viu, q fofa !!! ^^

    :dance: dance: :dance:

  5. Huahuahua

    eu estava animada com a entrevista da Gisele hj na Angelicaaa. :dance: :dance: :dance:

    Viu ?

  6. Why ? What happened ?

  7. This picture of Ana in your personal pic is awesome. =)


  9. I can have an idea. :shifty:

  10. lolz

    I have to see what people are talking abt me, right ?!!! :rofl

  11. Thank you. :hug:

  12. Awesome. but I thought you were 15 years old.

    Anyway congrats.

  13. mbinabri and KBIII didn't let me go.

    Sorry abt our talk, but my MSN hates me, I told you.

  14. Ficou tudo.

    Se eu n

  15. Quem fez o seu set ???


  16. They don't let me go, but Im going now.

  17. and u leave me alone w/ them ? :|



    I stay on after I say that too for the same reason.

    Good night.


  18. Haha

    Oh, thats why. :shifty:

  19. You would love to see that, dont u ? Hahaha

  20. Lol

    this comment box really mix you yup :laugh:

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