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  1. Oh that.

    I stayed at the club the whole time.

    Actually its not a club, its open-air. :p

  2. I came home.

  3. In a couple of hours ago :D

  4. It is, depending on the type of party.

    How abt ur parties ?

  5. Awesome, dancing for hours and get home in the afternoon.

  6. I was right here :laugh:

    and then I went to the party. :fun:

  7. Haha

    you wish.

    I meant you have many dangerous girlfriends.

    But I'm not afraid of them.

  8. She is not the only one.

  9. Huahua

    it happens. :rofl:

  10. Hum...no !

    Because you're just...funny. :rofl:

    Alright alright, and loveable too. :D

  11. U better respect people older than u.

  12. You stay up late girl.

    Go to bed, ure too young. :angel:

  13. Well...if u consider Britney as a hot chick right now. :whistle:

  14. Haha, sexy back is the is the only one good song.

    W/ the beat must be even better.

    But thats all he got. :rofl:

  15. Justin ? :yucky:

  16. Electronic music.

  17. E-music ?

    I wish I could do that, but almost all of them are from Israel.

  18. Just waiting for my friend, we're going to a party. :dance: :dance:

  19. Haha

    yeh...for now.

    Whats up w/ u ?

  20. Even if I try, I get mad at you hun. ^^

  21. lol

    of course not.

    That's a pretty normal term. :p

  22. You're right, it is a crappy explanation.

    Moreover, it doesn't work like that.

  23. I'll go check to see how good he is. :shifty:

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