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  1. Whoa, found a lot more of her, some here, but ran out of time, maybe later in the week. Wonder if she got an enlargement after the blue bralette shoot with Boris Bugaev? And my favs are her face in the green dress and the one with the cocktail.
  2. OMG! Thanks, Pith_Possum, you're the greatest!
  3. Darn, my photo viewer doesn't support Imgur! That's a new one for my ever-changing computer... And, agree with Clauds on the VS thing - hardly ever go there anymore. And given my handle on this site...
  4. After the Playboy shoot, I went back to all the saved photos of Sandra over the years and, for old time's sake (can you believe that line?), here's just an absolute "cute" favorite, hope it's a good memory...
  5. donvslover

    VS Model's ID

    New PINK model? Don't recognize her, thanks
  6. Seem to remember there is an age limit on models, so apologize in advance, but anyone know these Forever 21 girl models' names?
  7. New bathing suits from Listal site, enjoy.
  8. And do you know who her friend is, might be two, actually... thanks in advance tzdon?
  9. Ton of new stuff from Listal, going back several years. Tried to avoid dups. tzdon, hope you enjoy since you had the best stuff!
  10. Kind of accidentally bumped into these new photos of Dove. Not sure if she's modeling or just self-promoting. Either way, they're from Listal. Enjoy!
  11. donvslover

    VS Model's ID

    RebelleFleur, thanks! Oh, and Sara's full last name is ... drum roll... Wittgruberova ... has a 2-page site here, mostly runway. Hope she's just getting started with VS!
  12. So glad you included the last pic. So weird to ever see her in clothes, even if it's various stages of undress!
  13. Wow, thanks, they're both amazing! Hope Ceca has a long career! sanja
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