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  1. her face is stunning. she reminds me of Michelle Vawer
  2. where you can take the quiz? any links to it, I wanna take the quiz.
  3. i hope not. you think there's a chance Michelle Vawer & Solveig coming back?
  4. Valentina x 3 Sasha x3 Tanya x 1.5 Kristina x 1.5
  5. she's so pretty. I can't find no flaw in this girl, she's perfect. thanks for sharing those photos. I don't understand how SI drop her.
  6. she reminds me of miranda kerr in this photo
  7. I like her. I think she is pretty. she reminds me of Lily Aldridge.
  8. her face is very pretty. I would like to see her for VS pink
  9. Begonia


    it was rigged like always giving the winner title to mayweather all he did is run away & hug pacman he is a little pussy.
  10. Begonia


    I am watchin #MayPack I want pacman to win bit I a pretty sure mayweather is gonna win
  11. http://www.si.com/swim-daily/2015/04/29/si-swimsuit-rapid-fire-questions-solveig how I can I attach the video to here she's too cute her eyes are stunning. I have something in coming with her about the wolf thing. I love her even more now.
  12. Vita has a nicer ass than Sara.
  13. Taylor Hill she's growing up to a pretty lady. Her eyes shape still bothers me I found them very bug eyes. but with the right eye makeup she can look very pretty
  14. nicole x3 sarah x1 Larax2 elyse x1.5 milou x1.5
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