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  1. Oohhh Sorry, hehe. I must not have been paying attention.
  2. Set A - Daria and Eugenia. Set B - I don't find either too funny... :| But I'm loyal to my girls, so, Julia and Caroline Set C - Hilary's
  3. The video for the Versace FW show is on the Versace website, but it's kind of small.
  4. thank you for all the new pictures! she wasn't at versace
  5. haha your hq's put mine to shame. thanks for those and ids!
  6. some details aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i just saw that <_< it should be easier to find the names of the girls i couldn't ID now... that was a nice game though i may have spelt some names wrong though Oh jeez.. Well, nice IDing then
  7. lots of plates of food in the backstage photos...
  8. I saved the images using the names that were on the dolcegabbana.it site.. so if you hover, you should get their first name in the url. Gimme like 10mins and I'll have backstage posted
  9. she looks lovely in my opinion sternum is sexy...but not Daria's
  10. holy she looks so fierce in that ed.
  11. omg she sounds so down-to-earth and fantastic. thanks for that!
  12. I completely agree, Betty. I love Natasha, really, but she just gets thinner and thinner every season. They set these rules and whatnot but no one-- not designers, models, agencies, etc-- follow them.. I'd rather see her healthy than sickly.
  13. More The Look Fall 2006 (ph. Christopher Wahl) coco-rocha.com
  14. Me too So far she's done Burberry, Pringle and D&G.
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