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  1. Hugs & Kisses!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. It's so weird to see a woman as beautiful as her come from the hellhole where we live You guys know what's weird ? If you say "barbara herrera" in here, nobody knows her Which is a shame, because she's awesome. And now that i recall, i have been collecting her pics from some magazines in here a while ago, let me try to convince my girl to use her scanner and i'll get them here
  4. The Grim adventures of Billy & Mandy
  5. holywood's best usemycomputer forums tfs wft freeones forum and a couple more. of course, i join, check some and then forget about them for a few months ... but i try to visit them every once in a ... long while
  6. uh ... i meant a not so good video card, not a prehistoric one ... but that game looks nice, i'll give it a try ... just because atari is awesome
  7. yeah, he was married for like ... 4 minutes ...
  8. i'm looking for a good 2d mmorpg ( for my other pc, with a not so good video card ) i used to play maplestory, but i left so long ago that i would need months to catch up, and starting all over again ... nah, too much ... anyway, do any of you know any good 2D mmos ? i'm looking for the common fantasy things : level up, monsters, warriors, mages, etc. i've tried looking, but most of the 2D mmo's ive found look strangely similar - all look like a window and with very little small characters kinda like a small sprite ( or like those old nintendo rpg games, like final fantasy 1 ... ) anyway, i'd really like if anyone can suggest any good 2D mmo ... yeah, i know it's kinda hard because most most online games today are 3D ... but anyway, any suggestions ?
  9. when i get very drunk, i waste the money ( i end up paying for everything for everyone ) which is why i never go out with a lot of green anymore ... a couple of bad - and very expensive - experiences taught me to carry 50 / 80 bucks max
  10. Natasha Poly by far, the most amazing walk ... once you see her, it's something ... kinda magnetic, you can't stop watching her ... and when she gets to the end of the runway and she ( sometimes ) smiles before turning to get back ... greatness ...
  11. i was going out with two girls for a couple of months the only downside was the money ...
  12. ... there's a script on the web about a wolverine movie ... hopefully they don't screw up this time ...
  13. into the blue ... what a waste of money ... and time ... camera time : a movie with two hours of jessica alba on a bikini [k]without all the rest of that retarded cast[/k] would have rocked ...
  14. Magus

    I Am...

    happy because i just passed this subject who was my nemesis for a lot more than it should have ... hell yeah !!!!!
  15. would look better without them
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