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  1. lol hermann smoking some marijuana in that new pic not surprised and candice looks beautiful so excited for her return
  2. I think you guys are reading too far into the baby chicken emoji. They probably just put it because candice is soon going to give birth and they liked it. I don't think hermann and candice are diligently choosing these emojis to give us a secret code they are just releasing her maternity photoshoot like most mums do at the end of their pregnancy and people have been posting congratulations on all her photos throughout her entire pregnancy, it's nothing new. They haven't been secretive about anything, we know the gender, when she's due and even the name so I doubt candice will make everyone wait long when anacã does come
  3. Yes I agree she is very exotic. She may fit the blonde hair blue eye look but she is very exotic with the way she carries herself, spends her free time, her background etc I hope that doesn't sound weird but in my opinion her lifestyle is very exotic but that is just my opinion
  4. usually I just stalk around a bit but I wanted to add that I agree she's further along than we probably think but I don't get what she means by "halfway" either. even if she did announce her pregnancy to everyone at 3 months, she still announced it 10 weeks ago which means she's currently 22 weeks along which isn't halfway in a pregnancy. but I personally think its pretty unlikely that she would've announced at exactly 3 months, not only because she probably wanted to tell her family and have them know before anyone else and that might've taken a few weeks, but also because vs probably figured they could still use her in commercials/shoots until she really started showing and they had to let her announce. and candice is so slim it makes sense for her to start showing further into her pregnancy, so she could announce it later
  5. Love all her updates, she looks stunning
  6. Is it just me or does Magdalena look more radiant this year than the last few?
  7. Point is, Doutzen belongs in the top spot once Adriana is gone. This might be a stupid question, but are Chanel and Rosie out forever?
  8. New Marloes fan She's stunning Thanks for the polaroids
  9. Barbara looks beautiful as always Haha, Michael Bay I spy Angel soon
  10. I'm not gonna go back and read everything again, so I might have missed a few things. Magdalena was a knockout this year. She totally made the show for me I didn't like how similar Lindsay's outfits were, but I'm glad she got the attention she deserves. And Barbara Palvin is total Angel material, so I don't understand why she got one outfit and Karlie got three.
  11. originally posted by burbuja8910 at the fashion spot
  12. Magdalena was at Elie Saab Fall 2012 RTW today
  13. Magdalena was at Chanel Fall 2012 RTW.
  14. Thank you! xox Happy easter to you too! [Rated you 5 stars too, you have so many posts it's crazy ;)]

  15. Whoa ... Too sexy. But really awkward by the way, hello everyone!
  16. Whoa. So many people have replied! I didn't even know! Anyway, hello Michael*, Lyon, frenchkiki, frenchkiki again, Citrus, Lyon again, and Liika. It's a pity that I'm not french. I'm just a lame american too D: But it doesn't matter, really, because Erin Heatherton's an american, so we can be lame together
  17. I didn't see a topic on her, so I thought it best to start one ^_^ I found her on women direct, and she immediately caught my eye. I can't wait for her to develop. height: 5' 9.5" bust: 33" waist: 24" hips: 34" shoes: 9.5 hair: Brown eyes: Hazel women-direct.com
  18. She's very fresh. I love her lips in these two photos doritties.net WARNING! NUDITY
  19. She reminds me a little of Miranda Kerr, DanniCullen! She's beautiful nonetheless!
  20. I was watching one of the VS videos with Erin in it, and I think she's one of my favourite models these days! Almost passing Candice S Hello fellow Erin-fans!
  21. Hi there! I'm Megan, and I love anything that's french. Hence, the username. It's french for Burnt down, I think ^_^ I love emoticons, and being happy. Plus fashion. Umm, Candice Swanepoel is my favourite model, ever, and I love redheads Yup, so, hello!
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