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  1. in damned near every shot for pink, shes trying too hard to be "so cute and adorable". she doesnt need too "try".....shes a very pretty girl, she should just let "herself" show. sandra kubicka was the same way......until she grew up and realized she didnt need to "try" any more. rachel hilbert does the same thing. she is very pretty, but she just tries too hard to be cute.
  2. beautiful girl.......shes mind boggling pretty.......but some of her photographers need to go back to school. good old Arman Thanvir could use two or three lessons about back lighting. the 'lost in sahara" photos are horrible. arman, old buddy, old pal......you were hired to show the swim suits.....NOT your artistic view. can rocky the flying squirrel get any prettier? i hope not.........because i dont think my heart could take it.......
  3. i think this girl has a very bright future in front of her. shes very pretty.... and has a body that could stop traffic. what more could advertisers want?
  4. wait a minute here.....i started a thread in the "model ID" section asking what this girls name is and was told its lais oliveria........
  5. bingo!!! man i was losing brain cell after brain cell trying to remember her name.......and i dont have a whole hell of a lot of brain cells left to spare. so i thank you kindly.......if you ever get to baltimore maryland, look me up and we will go have a few beers. thanks again.
  6. i have been driving myself batty these last few days trying to remember her name and im having no luck. i tried to post a photo of her but for some reason it didnt work. the girl has dark hair and a tattoo of the number 11 on her lower left shoulder blade........ if you can help me out, ill owe you a beer. thanks...
  7. very pretty girl. she reminds me of shannon elizabeth.
  8. what the hell is the point of post #205 or 207? big fucking deal......the girl walked across the street......and you post 20 pictures of her doing so. she probably didnt even walk 20 feet.....yet there are 20 photos of her every move. they are called "stalker photos" man. and this site needs too stop allowing them to be posted.
  9. shes just too damned pretty man........
  10. somebody needs to put her in a cave, and pile rocks up in front of the entrance so she cant get out. that way she will stop driving me crazy!!!! beautiful does not even come close to describing her. how can one girl be pretty enough for ten girls? it should be illegal!!
  11. this girl just gets prettier and prettier ever day man......
  12. i dont know about where you folks live, but here in america, 46 or maybe 48 states have laws against being that sexy.
  13. THAT....right there.....is the epitome of sexy. it just does not get any prettier than that.
  14. i was at the washington DC show! aint that a hoot....... somebody please save me the trouble of going back through 47 pages here.......whats the meaning of the "11" tattoo?
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