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  1. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I don't mind the plus models as much as I mind the butterfaces and the lack of diversity.
  2. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    I'm pretty sure I called Hunter for bodypaint the day that picture went up, man this year is a waste.
  3. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    I'm not sure about the third location being all athletes but this bodypaint girl... Could it be Iskra?
  4. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    In the event that Ronda does come back, they need to let her do her own thing instead of making her do the model-y posing crap. Her first shoot where she did the judo and tai chi stuff was way nicer than what they had her doing in body paint this time around. I really wish they would have brought Sofia back instead of Bo, but here goes MJ trying to make Fetch happen again.
  5. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    Everyone's talking about the Bahamas like the crew & everyone didn't start east and go west, connecting in Cali to go to their next destination.
  6. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    God of all the ones to bring back, her???
  7. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    I meant Strother, just by the little bit of her mouth we can see.
  8. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    MJ really wants to make Hailey happen but she's not really gaining much traction in the way that Kate Upton did, and I like Hailey but it's just kinda... Sad.
  9. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    I def spotted Ashley in the video.
  10. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    Is that not Lais? Looks like her to me.
  11. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    I'm saying this as a fan of her's, but her personality/attitude used to be awful. But most people talk about these things from 6 years ago and older (the VS video where she got fit for her wings, old interviews) and older so it's kind of an old meme at this point. She seems to have grown up a great deal. There are other people whose attitudes and behaviors are consistently worse. It's not even like she does anything to really get on peoples nerves so I don't get it. Calling her a token is kind of gross, and again, implying that having one or other WOC means you don't need any other is also gross but I've stated that already.
  12. 2017 SI Swimsuit

    Most excited for Kelly, least for Hoopes and generally curious about Myla.