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  1. He does deserve much more credit than he receives! He is just amazing! You know, I always thought he looked like JT, and even sounded similar to him, but after listening to his music even more for some time now, I believe that he blows JT out of the water. Completely. Robin has an incredible singing voice. Justin can't sing like him, not even close. And I also agree that Robin is even better looking.
  2. Omg, how I love Robin! His voice is magic. And this song is just plain sex. I love it.
  3. She is too beautiful. Thank you for the scan Jal.
  4. She is so sexy! A video from the Kisses for the Troops event! http://www.cosmopolitan.com/videos/#v51372672001
  5. DAMN. She and Lily Aldridge were my favorites in the show... she looks divine!
  6. HOT DAMN! :evil: :drool: I'd love to be in the middle of that! :evil: Mmmmmm!
  7. OH MY! She is gorgeous! :wub2: Nice find! She just oozes sex appeal!
  8. Your from the bay area? I used to live an hour and a half away from you before moving to Vegas! ;)

  9. I love you all for all these photos! Thank you so much!
  10. Wow she looks gorgeous. I love her make-up. Thank you, Vamp.
  11. I just came across her portfolio on Elite and she is STUNNING! Does she have any other work?
  12. I hope Fernanda Tavares will be walking. I love her in the show.
  13. I love the Aveeno face wash, the Pantene shampoo, and the Nars products. Nars is my new love. I'll have to update my list soon!
  14. I am blessed with both. However, for some reason, I get more compliments on my ass. :weird:
  15. Btw, did you know I love Lacey Chabert too? :)

  16. No problem :) She is stunning

  17. Irina is now modeling for VS and strutting her stuff in the fashion show? :drool: Okay, I might watch it now.
  18. Wow, that's the prettiest photo I've seen of her. I actually saved it.
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