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  1. Printed in Vogue Supplement Italy September 1999
  2. Can anybody please re-upload this video? Or provide an other link? Thanks!
  3. ^^^ Complete editorial ^^^ Vogue Germany June 2000 Model: Aurelie Claudel Photos: David Thompson
  4. Does anybody know where to find more hq images of Lorena wearing that green dress during VSFS 2018 after party? Thanks.
  5. Yep, right here and here! If those don't work for some reason, lmk and I'll find another source or try and upload them myself. Thanks so much. These pics are awesome. Do you know the issue of the first link?
  6. Do you know where I can see images from that shoot or from the magazine?
  7. Thanks. Now all is clear. To be honest, I always thought it must be Facebook, but that made absolutely no sense. 😎
  8. Would you please explain a not native speaker what the FB is? Thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks. I'm glad to see her career going on. Great to see her on VSFS and she looked really great on the viewing party. By the way, are there more pics of her in that green dress she wore on the after party? But also I really liked that Nelly shots. Unfortunately a lot of them are no longer available. Does anybody know if I can find them anywhere else?
  10. Does anybody know if she is still modeling for Nelly? I really miss that images, showing Lorenas beautiful face, her great body and her perfect legs!
  11. Her family name in German is Rape. The "RA" is pronounced similar as in "gaRAge" (with a long a in the middle) and the "PE" similar as in "PEnalty". It has no specific meaning, it's just a surname in Germany. She was interviewed in German TV a few days after the VSFS and also asked about her name. She said that she simply removed the P from the name when her international career began to grow. That's the whole story behind her artist name.
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