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  1. ^Should get ^^ a dog. Ideally one thats the same size as ^^ Great dane perhaps. Then ^^ needs to send < a video of ^^ walking that dog
  2. ^ I would have not recognised her. She looks so different
  3. Love it when she gets her freak on That video is begging to be made into Gifs
  4. Agreed! - But Im always preferring the brunettes
  5. INDIAN WELLS, CA - MARCH 05: Maria Sharapova of Russia fields questions from the media during the WTA All-Access Hour at Indian Wells Tennis Garden.
  6. Would you turn down a 15m contract
  7. I saw this picture before ( on Tumblr ). I even have it in bigger version: 69hg98h98y98y.jpg I also thought that it's Miranda but I am not sure for 100% because Miranda has wider nose (plus a small hump), longer eyebrows and healthier skin. I've never heard about this photographer. This girl has a little mole on her right hand - Miranda doesn't have. 945105606_chriscolls_11_123_1132lo.jpg Yeah, not to mention her eyes have never been that vibrant. Hard to tell though
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  9. Brutal insight into the struggles some families have to endure. Good film
  10. Its like Hangover for OAP's ....really funny and has some quite touching moments. Well worth the watch
  11. Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Helena Christensen, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder and Stephanie Seymour. link leather jacket
  12. Jourdan Dunn & Cara Delevingne Link : Facing away from the camera
  13. Has yet to interact with yours truly
  14. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Link : sequins
  15. Made these. Posting this one without the wave also
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