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  1. you had plastic surgery?
  2. i don't force myself to puke. but wow, baby :|
  3. It's "melt my heart" @Azure: Do you thinQ that maybe her friend, Danny (the tranny) found her? :(
  4. speculations^that she may have hung herself
  5. That already made me think about "The sorrows of young Werther", when Werther and that other guy, talking about killing yourself... you know, the part where Werther said no one can call a suicider a stupid person etc. because evryone has different borders of pain? Idk if it translates this way. Yes, i understand what you mean The message Qomes aQross. http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/11/21/...elf/#more-21979
  6. why why why? What went wrong? I believe she was clinically depressed for a long time- now if we look back on her blog and interviews, the warning signs were a bit obvious in 2007 she posted a pic of herself and a hammer saying that she was tired of being Daul Kim and that she was going to smash her face in and die but a couple minutes later she edited it saying she was joking and she was just tired (tired is such a common excuse) On another occasion she said that she is a piece of dumb rotting meat and everyone who tries to help her are nice but dont realise they too are bits of rotting meat. She said that she wanted to "burn the rotting meat" but it's family would be upset. I thought it was just rambling so i didnt take it seriously but she was basically saying that she wanted to kill herself but didnt want to upset her family. i also remember in her first interview/editorial for i-D she said how she never fit in in Korea or Malaysia and she was quite lonely OH DAUL i wish i could have helped you or given you a hug the funny thing is, i understand where she's comin' from. it is also funny how people say that suicide is not the answer. but they don't realize that sometimes, it could be the only option. there are people who feel like this everyday. and for her to feel like this and handle the pressure, is very big, for me. her profession, her lifestyle, her routine, everyday.. all magnified to the highest level as compared to a normal person..and she managed to be in control of her life for this long.. it showed that she was strong and resisted such urges earlier.. i am just so stunned.. :|
  7. why why why? What went wrong?
  8. i was going to say the exaQt same thing. i am so shaQen. this just hurts, man. i don't wanna thinQ who's gonna be next.
  9. sometimes, i feel that eating is a chore for me. (N)
  10. okay, i thinQ she looQs hot as the girl for pantene pro v, on www.pantene.co.uk
  11. Hi Guys, can you please tell me who this model is, on the homepage? http://www.pantene.co.uk/ Is it bojana panic? thanks.
  12. irenistiQ

    Abc: Songs

    Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams

  14. Yeah, i wonder what she's gonna study.
  15. amber is just freaQin' hawt. i prefer snsd's chocolate love, though.
  16. We're probably vibing! Please do not think that i'm not interested in getting to know you as i didn't reply to your PM! i'm gonna find time soon :D

  17. lyonnie, i'm siQ, too :( my throat hurts! and i QANNOT be siQ right now!

  18. i went on a hol, came baQ, school started, and baQ to bein' busy again!

  19. i went on a hol, came baQ, school started, and baQ to bein' busy again!

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