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  1. I wish there was something valuable I Qould Qontribute for this very special model in her thread, however, everything seems to be updated. I'm glad to see that my girl is still in tip top shape and still serving it after all these years. (Y)
  2. I just read your comment. ><

  3. BUMP AHAHAHAHHA! Okay i remember for a physics test or something related to the science field, i had to write the 3 different types of rays. I did not really get sleep the night before and ended up sleeping at 5am and leaving the house at 7am to be in sch by 7.30am. So for that question, one of the answers i wrote while trying to stay awake was, "Gemma Ward Rays" when it was supposed to be gamma rays! Later down that same test, i started feeling sleepy again... so there was this question about some gas chemical thingy... my answer was butane but i wrote inguna butane... >< My teacher who was marking was laughing (he didn't know who they were) but he kept cracking up while he was marking. LOL.
  4. irenistiQ

    Nail Polish

    great oQay, maQe sure they don't get chipped. YEAH, IKR!
  5. that made me laugh don't even ask why is it because I'm such a heel fan, or what? because I didn't get why.... just felt liQe doing that
  6. irenistiQ

    Nail Polish

    P.S. Genta, i got an iphone 3GS
  7. irenistiQ

    Nail Polish

    i can't polish my nails by myself for nuts and sometimes, manis and pedis are expensiveee but i bought this thingy from mac and it's freakin' awesome. (Y)
  8. irenistiQ

    I Am...

    LG Chocolate vs. Nokia N97 vs. iphone vs. ?
  9. this is the stylish hotness we've been waiting for!
  10. irenistiQ

    I Am...

    thinking of which phone to buy! what do you thinQ?
  11. edota lolol dota,much? ;)

  12. Oh My Word :| You're serious? I have this angelic image of you in my mind, where you are kept in this glass box, pure and pure. And now i found out about this.
  13. to your secret cock or your height? just kidding Ire, it's not funny anyway.. there's this friend of mine who was contemplating on surgery to increase his height. is it even possible? i mean, they do lengthen your bones and all, right? but i bet it's hella painful.. plus, will you be able to run or smth
  14. to your secret cock or your height? just kidding
  15. perfect! me-the same height and weight as few pages back LAYLA :| YOU'RE 6'2?! :shock:
  16. irenistiQ

    Skin Care

    sooo l'oreal, i can't find any answer on the nettt!
  17. irenistiQ

    Now Playing

    Because of You by After School
  18. you know what i need, i need a proper system and standard where i can communicate effectively because i hate disappearing and coming back but at the same time i can't do it without getting addiQted :P

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