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  1. we are here to admire gorgeous women, can we all stop bickering like high school girls
  2. I'm sorry how is she not in shape?
  3. for the last week or maybe longer the pinned threads for models like Aleesandra and Adriana have not been showing up on top of the main forum dont know if this is just me or an intentional change
  4. just in the past couple days i have noticed thumbnails of the models beside their names in the forum and i am wondering if that is something that can be toggled on/off as i find it a bit distracting. my apologies if this has been asked before thank you
  5. Candy looks as amazing as ever, so glad she is back
  6. wow.....just wow
  7. great on set shots, just need a better camera haha
  8. links not working
  9. my god she is beyond gorgeous
  10. cheers mate
  11. sorry but who are the other models aside from Elsa? i know the girl in red is Emily R (not attempting to spell last name)
  12. hoping we get some HQ shots
  13. i know most models smoke but it still sucks to actually see it
  14. its the most wonderful the year!!!
  15. I am curious to know, do any of the model or celebs featured on the site know that Bellazon exists and what not?