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  1. Love your avatar! Very cute smile but who's the model?

  2. Tried but not succeeded? I'm good thanks. I'm working overnight for the next few days so I'll play with GIMP and see what I can find out.

  3. Hi, I'm Trevor. I'm sure GIMP will be able to do what you want, it just may not be quite as easy to do it as you've been used to.

  4. New avatar and sig, I see. Very nice they are too.

  5. Fancy text is quite an easy one. In the 'File' menu select 'Create' then 'Logos' and you'll see a huge list of text effects.

  6. Sorry you're having problems. I'll have a try myself when I get the chance. Are you using the Animation menu tools or the Video menu tools?

  7. How are you getting on with GIMP?

  8. Tran

    Thanks for the birthday greetingd, Lyon.

  9. Thanks Danni. Yeah, it was okay.

  10. Looking at the comments below mine, you must get an awful lot of people asking you who's in your avatar. Why don't you indentify your current avi in your profile somewhere.

  11. I'm fine thanks. As you may be able to tell from from how long it's taken me to reply to you, I guess I'm pretty busy too.

  12. Hi Danni, good to see you again after not seeing you around for a while. Hope everything's okay with you.

  13. That's okay, Baron, I don't look at my profile page very often either.

  14. I'm good thanks, hope you are too.

  15. I do like your new Personal Photo, it's very atmospheric. Actually you may have changed it weeks ago (note to self: I must check out friends profiles more often you never know what may have changed).

  16. I'm good, thanks. Enjoying the sunshine, hope you are too. Oh, nice sig, by the way.

  17. Ah, didn't realise there was a limit on the size of comments.

  18. Considering the discussion on 'General Issues with the Site, Rule Comments, Feature Suggestions' that you've been involved in recently, I thought I'd better mention that I'm not just lurking on your profile but checking to see what new models you've found. You have a very good eye for new talent. Oh, and how dare those naughty trollers downgrade your star rating! Just d

  19. Yes, I do like Marina and I think that particular set of polas (the one my sig thumbnail comes from) are amazing. It's interesting how some models really seem to shine in this kind of impromptu photo shoot and others... don't. A great find Danni.

  20. I know what you mean, Bellazon can take up a lot of time. As it happens I've recently moved home so I haven't been on as often as I'd like either. Good to see you back again.

  21. Aranka! Good to see you around here again. I get the impression that you haven't been here since October or November last year is that true?

  22. Tran

    Thank you for your birthday greetings. Sorry I didn't spot them earlier.

  23. I use GIMP on my Linux laptop. I'm not a professional but I suspect you are?

  24. Hello. New here?

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