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  1. Candice I think just look better and more natural with her blonde hair. Though she might be a brunette, I've come to associate her with blond hair
  2. Gemma Ward [10] Hailey Clauson [7] Someone please post a new model
  3. Not everybody's complaining, and "Cool Hand Luke" isn't exactly soft core porn. It's a prison film. I just went through 4 pages of your posts, and the only picture I saw that you uploaded was Pamela Anderson. (?) Post something so we can judge you. If you read the CONTEXT you would have known I was not in the slightest a fan of that hideous looking thing Pamela has become.......some of her late teen pics looked oke Besides, the added value of the addition of girls in revealing clothing "washing" a car in a movie eludes me
  4. I've noticed a lot of people putting in at least some dutch names (of dutch models that is).....are dutch names really that strange ??
  5. Normally I've liked the reply's of eddiwouldgo thinking he had rather decent tastes.......... Alas, in this thread only gigiriva posted anything worth of notice The rest is just all glamour models and with the car-wash even bothering on soft-porn
  6. Wow....that girl is INDEED CUTE
  7. I am sorry that through the written word the meaning of my words was misinterpreted. I did not put the "condolences" as part of mockery or sarcasm, but because I was unsure wheter or not saying condolences was really the right word. No way did I intend any sarcasm
  8. I think she's a good model, but seeing her twitter pictures and her obsession with her hideous dog.....it just sickens me. It's like a 2nd paris hilton.
  9. I'm sure eddi wouldn't mind slipping into that pool
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