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  1. yea in the books, Emily is a red head Aria and Hanna are brunettes And Spencer is a blonde i think she may be the prettiest of the 4 main actresses on the tv show
  2. C'mon now. What about faces? I think "Bubzbeauty" is pretty, sorry, unsure of her real name. Internet Celebrity
  3. Evandro Soldati & Hilary Rhoda = Yea I see resemblance in terms of the eyebrows, stare, and mouth But the nose is off Good eye though, for noticing.
  4. You know, it does depend on your face shape and structure, etc.. To determine what hair looks best on you Me, personally.. I prefer short/medium & straight/wavy
  5. faget... this is why i look through the lists of topics & only click on the ones started by you.
  6. sorry if repeats i can't see the pictures maui has posted
  7. He was an Abercrombie & Fitch or ? Hollister model 2007 Born in 1986, Miami, Florida Cover of DNA magazine's 87th issue Started career at age 19 6 ft 150 lbs
  8. are these pics on already? sorry if repeat
  9. Who's him? Anyone recognize? Picture is attached
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