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  1. Haha okay so I put on weight since I was here last. 35-25.5-38 Buut I'm also 5'11 tall and have managed to keep my stomach flat so it's all good.
  2. Better a second than nothing! I'm surprised - a commercial that actually focuses on the product it is trying to sell...shocking
  3. Gucci Pour Homme II Commercial Credit: Faith!
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  9. It will be packed most likely. Unless it's an extremely small agency, in which case it may be different, I don't know. You have to realise that the industry you're trying to get into is VERY competitive.
  10. Haha oh yeah, whoops. Too many threads open at once. In that case rephrase it to have you ever thought you are modest, and ta-daa, fixed
  11. Made by me, but it's nothing that special...I just wanted all three photos on at once
  12. In short, no. Not if it works with the rest of your face. Haha I had to try so damn hard not to respond with a flippant answer then. My mind is in the gutter.
  13. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/modest
  14. i.e. All the different looks that models have. Some are slender built whilst others are chunky. Some have delicate features, others have stronger features. etc.
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